Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm so happy to report that the six little ones we have staying with us are doing amazing! The first evening they were somewhat shy and uncertain but as anyone whose fostered or looked after kittens will tell you.........that lasts maybe 30 seconds before they discover all things PLAY!! Now they are jumping, running, climbing, and pouncing on anything and everything within their line of sight. Each day brings new territory to conquer (a sure sign that they are growing up before our very eyes), with last night's terrain being the discovery that they could climb my housecoat all the way up to my shoulder and perch there to survey the scene. Only the boys have made this venture though, the little girls are far too ladylike and just haven't mustered that much courage.

In addition, we were incorrect in our first report of boys vs girls - we actually have four boys (Ollie, Abner, Hobbs & Finn) and two girls (Petunia & Apple), with both girls being exactly half the size of the boys (that's those male piggie eaters for ya). The best news of all is that my previously named party pooper hubby has agreed that we can foster them so I won't have to part with them before adoption time comes!!!

The newness and innocence of these little lives is not lost on me as I'm with them each day. Before me lie six tiny lives who haven't experienced anything except love, happiness and safety, and I pray that the adopters who will ultimately assume responsibility for them ensure that it remains that way. But of course that's me once again looking too far ahead and needing to remind myself that there are just so many things that are outside the realm of our control.

May you enjoy these as much as I loved taking them :) :) - from kitty cat heaven, ciao for now!!


  1. I understand how you feel. You get them so far and then you just pray that they will know nothing but love through their lifetime. Best of luck with them.

  2. they are just absolutely adorable, LOVE the part where they climbed up your housecoat ! How are Rocky, Silly and Flossy doing with their new housemates ? I too pray that all of them find loving forever homes.