Sunday, June 17, 2012


The lady that showed an initial interest in Flossy arrived on Saturday as previously planned. I liked her instantly, she exuded a warmth and caring that only another cat lover could recognize. Flossy came right down to greet her and I could tell, liked her as well. We sat and chatted for abit and Flossy was very friendly, allowing our guest to pet her and even engage in some play.

It was then that we talked about a companion kitty for Flossy, since she loves other cats so much, it was vitally important that this adopter be prepared to welcome another cat into her home for Flossy to befriend, and thankfully she was. So without further adieu, we travelled downstairs and I introduced her to the creamsicle clan............almost instantly, our Finn caught her eye. They had all been in the throes of afternoon napping so they were sleepy, warm, purring and just downright adorable; you have to love it when all the stars align and everyone puts their best paw forward :))

We tested Flossy and Finn together upstairs, and our Baby Girl did amazingly well - only afew hisses, otherwise everyone was very well behaved. So we agreed on the 24 hour waiting period to give everyone a chance to think upon this potential adoption, and I'm delighted to report that today it was confirmed this lovely lady will be adopting both Flossy and Finn together!!!!

We'll spend the next two weeks creating an environment where Flossy & Finn can spend some time together, getting to know one another and hopefully aiding toward a smooth transition to their new home as siblings.

Their new Mom is just a lovely person who I have no doubt whatsoever will take amazing care of them, and this is more than you can wish for in adopters. She is an experienced cat owner, has had rescue kitties before, and is thoroughly looking forward to being a Mom again - all music to my ears!

In the back of my mind are the feelings I'll go through as I bid Flossy goodbye; but for now at least I have to concentrate on preparing her little by little for this next chapter in her life. I have to push back down the tears and sadness I will ultimately feel as she leaves our home, and remind myself that this is her forever happiness - it was always the plan, always the goal, but in having her these past 8 months, it was impossible not to grow to love her deeply and to forget for a time that she was a guest only and never mine to keep.

I'll deal with her leaving after - for right now I have two little babies that I must prepare for the most joyous of events. Their forever home has come for them and it couldn't be a brighter time.


  1. Wow, I am so glad that I found your blog on the ACR Pinterest board. This is exactly how it feels to be a foster mom. It can be very bitter-sweet, but it's so worth it.

  2. What wonderful news, that two kitties will have a home. I thank you so much for taking Flossy in and for being so patient all this time, waiting for the right home to come along. Flossy found the right cat angel!

  3. Such a happy happy new chapter in both Flossy's and Finn's life, and yours too !