Friday, October 5, 2018


Through my presence on Twitter, I follow alot of other cat, dog and animal lovers as well as several rescues both of an individual nature and larger organizations.

One that I recently learned about is Mr.Frisky - a rescue group down in Austin, Texas who do amazing stuff to try and help the kitties in their area. They have a bonded male pair (Paddy & Linus) that I have fallen madly in love with. Two gorgeous hunk of orange tabbies who have been in this rescue's care for 1.5 years believe it or not! They were rescued out of a local shelter after their owner moved and left them behind. The rescue has had afew enquiries since they came into their care but the large majority have been from people who want to make them barn cats or have them live outside on their land - neither of which works for Paddy & Linus) as they need and crave human interaction.

Below is the information that the rescue has posted for them and of course, some beautiful pictures of them. This rescue will pay for transport for the right adopter/s and clearly is very thorough in their care of these two boys. I know my network is small on here but if you could please take a moment and share this with anyone in your circle who could in turn perhaps share in theirs, who knows how many potential serious adopters we could make aware!

Thank you in advance for any thing you can do (big or small) to help these two sweet boys find their loving forever home..............

Please read ENTIRE post; be prepared to answer initial questions when contacting regarding adoption. Veterinary and pet sitter references required in addition to home check.

We rescued Paddy and Linus when their owner moved and left them behind and they were at risk of being killed. The local shelters in Austin would not guarantee they'd be adopted together due to limited space and since they are a lifelong bonded pair (7.5 years now, I have had them since they were 6) and cannot be split up so I took them in until a home can be found (I already have 2 dogs and 3 cats and 3 of the pets are special needs)

Paddy and Linus were previously indoor outdoor cats so they prefer to be outdoors unless it's raining or cold. We built them a covered Catio but they are not as happy as if they had a safe area to be indoor/outdoor cats via a pet door they can freely come and go through. No busy streets, no anti-pet HOAs, big yard required.

They are good around our dogs and cats. They have never been around children.

They are friendly and talk when I feed them and enjoy it when I sit with them and play with them. They are not lap cats (neither is my Garth cat who I adopted at 7 months and he's 5 now and still refuses to be picked up but loves to interact and play) They ARE social, domesticated, and are in NO WAY barn cats nor Feral. They enjoy playing on their cat towers, with their toys, and eating lots of Fancy Feast wet food, (they get dry food too), snuggling together and lazing in the sun.

They are up to date on vaccinations - no vaccinations will be due until 2021, are healthy, and are NEGATIVE on FeLuk and FIV (I had full physicals including lab work and tests when I took them in). They are also microchipped. Veterinary records are available for review to potential adopter.