Sunday, June 26, 2011

IN HONOUR OF....................

Someone asked me today where we got the name Clarence from, it's actually in memory of the late Clarence Clemons (the saxaphone player in Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band) who passed away on the same day we welcomed this little man into our home to join his brother.

We thought it fitting and it seemed to suite him well so there you have it - everyone thinks its pretty cute for a little kitten. They've both just been to the vet and have received a clean bill of health, so its all systems go for these boys.

Clarence has been the shyer, quieter, more fearful of the two and it's been so sweet to watch him gain his confidance as the days have passed - I thought since there will be loads of pics of them together, perhaps I'd share one of just Clarence, just one week after he's come to be with us...........

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Clarence and Calvin are thriving!!! - have I mentioned how thrilled we are that we were able to have a hand in saving them? They're off to the vet this Saturday to be vaccinated and vet checked..........a sign that they are already growing up quickly!

Of course watching them, I can't help but think of all the countless kittens who haven't been saved from the streets or euthanization at shelters the world over, simply because there aren't enough foster homes and owners who practice responsible pet ownership by spaying and neutering their cats. The other thing on my mind as I watch these two little boys is how could anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, see little babies like this outside and just leave them there? I am and will always be completely baffled by those who give no regard to animals whatsoever - truly heartless in my opinion.

Regardless, I'm sharing more cuteness so get ready!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I thought everyone might want to see how our Calvin and Clarence or "Two Little C's" are getting along now that it's been a couple of days. Clarence, the larger of the two, and the one brought over from the neighbours house after he wouldn't stop crying incessantly and it was discovered that his brother was just down the road, has been as happy as a little clam ever since we reunited them..........actually, they both have, although its quickly apparent that Calvin although smaller and evidently the runt of the litter, is actually the one with more confidance and provides his brother with reassurance.

Clarence has taken abit more work in the "taming" department, lots of hissing, hiding and scratching going on there, but already after only a few short days, he's improved dramatically and will lay down on hubby's chest now to enjoy some affection. He hasn't purred as of yet, but like they say, "All good things come to those who wait" - so we've no doubt that it won't be long. He actually is quite curious when Calvin is purring up a storm, as if he can't quite figure out what that noise is, but it will be so sweet when we finally hear it.

I'll leave you with the shots we've just taken - to say they are adorable is an understatement.........enjoy.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


In chatting with a neighbour earlier today, it was discovered that Little "C" had 5 siblings in total - all of whom (with the exception of one), had been adopted out to wonderful, loving homes. There was one that had just been caught afew nights ago much like our Calvin, and who apparently was crying incessantly - obviously the whole "solo" thing just wasn't working for him and he missed his family desperately.

We offered to reunite him with his brother and everyone agreed that them being fostered together was probably the best thing for both of them - and voila! you suddenly have two IDENTICAL brothers in your midst!!

Our new little houseguest is abit more um, can we say feisty than his brother, and abit bigger so evidently Little "C" was the runt, but nevertheless we haven't heard a peep out of either of them since they've been brought back together and they've been having a fantastic time all afternoon, rough housing and playing like all little brothers do. Why I even caught them butting heads over who was getting into the dinner bowl first - typical boys!

The even better news is that some of the neighbours are going to assist with trapping Mommy so that we can have her spayed and vet checked - it's great to have suddenly found ourselves within a cat caring community - it really does make all the difference.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hard to believe that it's been just over a month since I last wrote an entry, and what a month it has been!! It never ceases to amaze me how life can change in the blink of an eye and take you down a whole new road when you least expect it.

Our sweet boy Farley is still with us, totally recovered from his unfortunate shortlived adoption (or is that me who has recovered?), the only worriesome thing about him still being our houseguest is that the longer he is here, the more comfortable he becomes, and the more attached to one another we all are. He pretty much sleeps with us every night now, and loves to cuddle with me as I wind down in the evenings right before turning out the lights.

There's more news however and it comes in this form:

For the past little while there has been a very young looking all black cat hanging around our home and the homes adjacent to us. I kept praying that "he" or "she" belonged to some ignorant neighbour who thought letting your kitty outdoors was an okay thing to do, but it's become quickly apparent that that is not the case and that the "he" is almost certainly a "she" now, since we just found this little baby (who hubby has lovingly decided to call Calvin), last night, trapped behind some concrete slabs at the side of our house. The stray cat seemed to be hanging around this area in the last day or two and I guess it was in a frantic attempt to alert us, because now that this kitten is safely with us, "Mom" hasn't been seen since.

Little Calvin is now in our spare room, all 6 weeks of him, with his little doe like eyes, and the tiniest little paws I've ever seen. He's eating up a storm and has already started to use the litterbox like a true champ - amazing how quickly they adjust. It will take some time to help him adjust to human handling, but already we hear him purring and see his contentment with affection.........the rest will come as he grows quickly.

The next mission is now to trap Mommy and get her spayed before any more babies are created - here's hoping we have quick success with that plan.