Saturday, December 27, 2014


Fisher will have been here two weeks as of this coming Monday. It hasn't been smooth sailing for him or us......

He battled a URI for the first week he was here and although not the worst case we've seen of this dreaded virus, he was totally without an appetite and fought a fever for a couple of days so not fun. We also had an incident in the midst of his sickness (when his fever was at it's worst and we weren't aware), where I was trying to comfort him and he lunged and bit me on the hand pretty severely. It has been extremely painful and has left me abit more nervous about paying him attention, but thankfully my hand did not get infected and Fisher is feeling a 100% better.

This second week has him with full access to the house but he's been very afraid and nervous and has spent a large majority of his time hiding in the livingroom behind the couch. He does come out at mealtimes (smart boy), and his anxiety does appear to be subsiding, but overall he's still battling fears from his time in the outdoors. Something as innocent as rustling a piece of paper can send him scrambling for a place to hide, but he does allow us to pet him even in his secure places, so we're very hopeful.

It saddens us to think of what he went through while outside and it's obvious that he was pretty much terrified. The silver lining now however is that he's safe, warm, and we see alot of glimpses of a very sweet and loving kitty so we realize that time will be a great healer here as it always is.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


We picked up our latest foster (who we have named Fisher), from the shelter last night. Poor boy has already come down with a URI so he's not feeling the greatest at present, but he held true to the description of being "friendly and sweet" by eating a can and a half of wet food by hand, and licked all my fingers clean at the end just so I wouldn't have much mess to contend with!

Approximately 1 1/2, he evidently found his way into a colony of ferals and the caretaker, noticing quickly that he was friendly and front declawed, took him into Animal Services. He's been abit nervous initially but is already starting to relax a little and even gave abit of purring to let us know he's enjoying the attention and fussing.

I think he's just grateful to be indoors where it's warm and he's safe, and we're so thankful to the colony caretaker that helped him on that road. In our eyes, there isn't a nicer Christmas present to be had than offering the Safe Haven guest room to this boy.

Monday, December 8, 2014


We're delighted to report that the meet n' greet yesterday went really well and "J" who came out to meet Clemson couldn't leave without our big boy; so he's officially now gone to his forever home and just in time for Christmas!!

Next order of business is to see who needs our guest room next :))

Saturday, December 6, 2014


There's been an adoption call for Clemson - the gentleman interested is coming by tomorrow for the meet n' greet.

Personally, I can't imagine anyone NOT falling in love with our big guy (he's just that wonderful) but then I might just be a tad bias. We'll see what the late morning brings, we've just had our grooming session in preparation, Clemson's charm and beauty will take him the rest of the way. :))