Saturday, December 26, 2015


I wrote before about how I wished that Mako's Christmas present would be his forever home. Not only did he have his forever Mom find him just in time for the holidays, but I would say judging by this photo she sent us earlier tonight; it was the best present he and we could have ever received.

We miss him but we love it that he's finally home.

Sunday, December 20, 2015


First we've changed Aico's name (it just wasn't suiting her) - she's now known as Mocha.

Second, her hold time is over as of this coming Tuesday so I just finished forwarding a write up and pictures of her to the rescue for their website. Most people think she will be adopted quite quickly, I'm telling myself that I'll still have her for Christmas.

Third, even though she's not a lap cat it would appear that laying across my chest and sleeping tucked under my chin are not too close :)) Have I mentioned what a little darling she's become...........still hates the boys but what do you expect, she's a female!! *L*

Merry Christmas everyone, here's some DIVA pics to keep you going.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


How I would love to write that our new foster Aico is all settled in and a dream. The reality is that yes she is very sweet, but at present she is also very stressed with the presence of the boys. When I tell you that this petite diva hisses from her toes, I kid you not. Thankfully, her expressions of displeasure are all that, just expressions - she hisses and growls like no other guest we've had before but that's about all there is to her. Lots of warning but no actual execution on her threats.

Doubly thankfully, both Rocky & Silly are avoiding her like the plague. They both outweigh and outsize her but her presence is larger than both of them put together! Whoever it was that said that little women have no power have obviously never had the pleasure of this Lilac Point PRINCESS!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Mako was adopted this past Monday evening. He did much better with this meet n' greet, even allowing his new Mom to pet him abit prior to leaving which is a big deal when you are afraid and nervous as he was.

If I'm being honest, I'd say that I didn't like Mako's new Mom at all. She was rude, condescending, and obnoxious during our meet n' greet - a real know it all. She is however a serious cat lover who I'm completely confidant will take incredibly good care of our boy.............if there had been even one smidgen of doubt in my mind; believe me, it would have been so easy to turn her away. But I learned a long time ago that I don't have to like adopters, I just have to know that they will take good care of our fosters. In this instance, that was the case 100%.

I've already received updates, and Mako is doing really well - that's all that really matters and all I truly care about.


Then on Tuesday night we welcomed this little girl.........

A approximately 6 year old purebred Lilac Point Siamese - sadly, found wandering the streets. We've named her Aico and although she's been a little nervous since arriving, she is as gentle and sweet as she is beautiful. This is our first time with a purebreed cat (with the exception of our boy the Maine Coon we foster a while back) and Siamese are as exotic looking as they are interesting behaviour wise.

I'll have better pictures shortly, but trust me when I tell you that we shan't have this baby long - purebreds are VERY popular!

Saturday, December 5, 2015


We had an adoption enquiry for Mako last weekend. That was a young woman who although very nice and caring, was preparing to head out on a Christmas holiday at the end of the month to visit family, and would have been leaving Mako behind for upwards of 12 days. Since we already know that it will take him at least afew weeks to settle in to a new environment, we didn't feel it was the best situation for him.

Than earlier this week, another call came in this time a lovely sounding woman who lost her last kitty just afew months ago. She sounds very experienced and very loving, and we're all looking forward to meeting this coming Monday evening. Well to be honest, I don't think Mako is going to enjoy it one bit as he's very fearful of strangers.........last weekends meet n' greet had him terrified. But if it's the right home, than once he moves in he'll settle in just as he did here - that we're positive of.

Fingers crossed that his forever family has found him and this will be his Christmas present.