Thursday, February 14, 2013


With the 60+ cats that we've fostered over the years, and afew more that we've assisted others with in saving along the way, sometimes it can be abit of a challenge to remember all their sweet faces and personalitiies. But that could never and will never be the case with one imparticular - he not only graces the main page of this blog as our poster kitty if you will, but he continues to delight us with his antics!

Our Red (now known lovingly as Stanley), is so completely loved and adored in his amazing forever home, by amazing parents. His Mom frequently sends along updates (and pictures), to let us know just how happy their entire family is - and I have to tell you that each and every time she does, I utterly treasure it. It reminds me over and over and over again, why it is that I got involved in rescue work to start with, and why fostering is not only so paramount in the fight to save cat lives, but all the ways in which it has blessed me personally. Some would say that what my husband and I have done in volunteering as foster parents has been a lovely thing to do for the cats/kittens we've helped, but in reality, fostering has been something that has brought both of us so many blessings - it's hard to quantify just what we've gotten from it.

I've made alot of mistakes in life up to this point. I've done and said things at different times, in different places, with different people, that I regret; plain and simple. Being imperfect means that the odds are pretty high that I'll very likely make a whole lot more before my time in this life comes to a close, but of one thing I am entirely certain - Red is one thing that I did absolutely right, and seeing pictures of him, hearing about how happy he is, and knowing that he is safe, it fills me with a sense of peace and joy, and makes me smile like few other things can. We love this little guy and are so incredibly grateful that we crossed paths.

His Mom sent these new pictures of him..............I'll let her words set the stage for these:

I found some Stanley photos you might like. One is of Stanley and Lenny sharing the cat bed and the other is what we call Stanley's "Cheesecake" photo. Sean was doing a photoshoot with a model and Stanley thought he could do a better job so he walked right on set and struck this pose. What a ham!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I had a friend drop by the house yesterday and I was really interested to see how Flossy would interact with her. Sometimes I wonder if all the leaps and bounds Baby Girl has made, is only a result of spending so much time with us, and so litte with outsiders (if I can use that term) see it all the time, animals that become very comfortable, trusting, and even affectionate with their handlers, but not so much so (or even sometimes the complete opposite), with people that they are meeting just for the first time.

Well the proof is in the pudding as they say and boy did Flossy set any lingering doubts or worries I might have, aside!! She loved "M" - I mean she was so super, duper affectionate that my friend said she'd adopt her in a moment if her husband would let her have a 2nd kitty (do you hear that hubby!). Flossy was rubbing up against her, flopping from side to side, nuzzling her nose into my friend's hand and even at one point when my friend tried to pay attention to Silly, actually pushed herself between them so that my friend would continue to pat and adore her. Flossy was purring so hard that we actually started to laugh at just how determined she was to soak up every last ounce of love.

Here she is, nestled onto my lap - her favourite spot now; and if it can't be mine, it's hubby's.............oh yes when it comes to attention and affection she's forgotten all about being shy.