Monday, January 27, 2014


I'd love to say that this shot of Caramel is after a thorough game of play that plum tuckered her out, but unfortunately that is not the case. She is infact tuckered out in this shot, but that's only because she completely wore herself out fighting Mommy & Daddy as they tried to trim her back nails (she's front declawed), AND comb out a little knot that was forming on the base of her tail. At one point, anyone listening would have thought she was really being murdered and poor Rock & Silly both thought so as well - they were so alarmed, they actually came in and circled the foot of the bed, yowling (not helpful guys!)....

Her nails were clicking abit on the floor and the knot; well, Animal Services had already shaved a big spot on her back due a very large knot, and then I noticed just the other day, another tiny one was already starting. I tried to pry it apart with my fingers to avoid the stress for Caramel, but she made it perfectly clear that the easy route was not going to be the way this was gonna roll. The good news is that for all her fighting, I did manage to gently comb it right out with a special little comb I have (for just such occassions), thank goodness it doesn't get more use on a regular basis, AND thank even more goodness that we only had the one to contend with!

It's clear that Caramel doesn't appreciate assistance with her grooming and hopefully we don't have to play esthetician's again anytime soon with her.

So now that I feel like I've got some serious sucking up to do to get back into her good books; I'm wondering if tuna, temptations treats or abit of cold chicken will take me very far??

PS: There are two separate families interested in adopting her so we'll see what the week brings!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


A co-worker/friend of mine recently lost her kitty to a heart condition. "Smudge" was a gorgeous cat - a handsome white/brown tabby with (you guessed it), an adorable smudge on the one side of his face right by his nose. Not only was he lovely to look at, but his tempermant was equally as endearing. A big sweetheart is what I always thought of him as and I was so saddened to learn of his passing.

Smudge's departure had me then thinking about the kitties of my own I've lost over the years: Miss Remy, Martel and Chester. And then I got to thinking about our current boy Rocky who just had a recent annual checkup that confirmed what we already knew was embarking upon us - CRF; Chronic Renal Failure. All the telltale symptons have been showing up for months now, weight loss, increased water intake, vomiting of foamy liquid and alot more urine output. But be that as it may, it's not until someone of the Doctor persuasion, confirms your fears, that it really starts to sink in and has you sit up, realizing that that journey has begun and there will be virtually nothing you can do to stop it.

Rocky is an 11 year old baby/firecracker. I've written about him before countless times, how he's the alpha male in our house, and how he truly hates every foster that passes over the threshold of our home. He gives them the gears like only Rocky can, and regardless of his cerebral hypdisplasia, his epilepsy, his jealous ways, and domineering personality, he is the quintessential tough guy with the softest inside you'll ever see.

We love him dearly and so tonight, I'm going to snuggle him just a little bit deeper in an effort to display my thankfulness to him for all he has overcome, endured, and battled back from. We hope and pray that his days with us will be many more, but regardless of whether it's a month, six months, a year or two years, it has been a pure blessing for us to have him in our lives.

Rocky Rockstar - our little crankmeister.

Monday, January 20, 2014


We received the loveliest email from Sable's (now lovingly called Prem) new Mommy yesterday.............

I had mentioned previously how instantly we liked J and her Dad. How they are truly those "golden" adopters that every foster home wishes for prior to meeting a prospective family. It's not to say that we havent' met these kinds of people before because there have been countless of them in the 90+ kitties we've rescued and fostered, but somehow meeting them again just feels so refreshing like smiling and being able to let out a huge sigh of relief when you just know that this is going to be "okay". Them and so many others we've had the pleasure of welcoming into our home, have been those that you almost wish you could clone *L*, or use as poster adopters so that others considering the same thing, would really understand the importance of it all! To not be overly concerned or filled with anxiety at what really awaits your foster when they are being carried out of your home, is a difficult thing to wrestle with.

So sitting down yesterday afternoon to read the following, and to see our little girl looking so in her element, well it just (for the hundreth, thousandeth, millioneth time), reconfirmed why we do what we do, and why we'll keep doing it despite the mixed feelings that come with saying goodbye, or the anxiety's, stresses, and obstacles that come during fostering.

Things are really good with her still, we're slowly but surely finding our way into a routine. When I come home now she peeks around the corner into my little entrance way, sees me, does a big stretch which seamlessly turns into a flop on the ground. From there she does a combindation stretch and roll back and forth on her back from one side of her belly to the other. It's so cute! She usually hangs out, "talking" to me in the kitchen while I get dinner ready and then buggers off to sleep in my bedroom until well after I'm done the dishes and finally putting my feet up for the night. She comes to bed with me every night and for the past 2 nights has slept right up at the pillows against me, usually with a paw or her head against me.

Cuddles are frequent and obviously welcome. I'd say 9 times out of 10 when I'm sitting on the couch she's on my lap in some capacity - sometimes wedged against me, balancing on my leg, or half on me half on the couch (which really doesn't look comfortable, but who am I to judge?). A lot of the loving and pats are still on her terms which is understandbale. You'll see a picture of her on a green ottoman, a new favourite place of hers. When she's on there she's not thrilled about unsolicited pats. The odd time I can get a couple strokes in under her chin, but that's it and that's totally fine, it's only been a week. I'm already shocked at how much progress has been made, no need to rush it!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


I'm so happy to write that it appears our force feeding days are behind us with Caramel. She had abit of wet food on her own yesterday, quite a number of Temptation treats (I know, I know, not the greatest thing to be feeding), and although I was discouraged when I got up this morning and it was quite evident that she hadn't touched anything overnight; when I went back in 2 hrs later, oh yes! - more wet had been eaten!!

She is still quite congested with runny eyes but I think the worst of it is now over and she was grooming herself and engaged in abit of play with me while we spent time together, all very encouraging signs. Can I just say that I HATE it when one of my kids won't eat - foster or otherwise. I find nothing more stressful and if it goes on too long, than I really start to worry.

Spending time with her, I can't get over what a gorgeous torti she is. Her colouring is so rich and her markings are just beautiful; not to mention that her coat is very thick and when you pet her it's as if your hand is sinking in. I've brushed her a number of times since she's arrived and not only does she seem to find it relaxing, I've literally gotten a whole other cat out of her already!

Here are some new pictures of our little sweetie. She's been so good overall and I'm convinced that after she's feeling totally recovered, she'll be adopted very quickly. Yes I know I've been saying that alot lately but I've got another good feeling about this one. :))

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Our new guest is here, arriving last night after a trip from the West end. Turns out that this little girl (who we've decided to name Caramel), was found abandoned in an empty apartment.

I've always wondered about how one does this exactly? Packs up the contents of an entire home and looks back to see the cat, who is very likely staring right back at you, as if to say; "I'm ready too", and then you open the door, have one last look around, and walk through to the other side - except you decided long ago that your cat wasn't joining you on this move. You pick up your entire life, the things you deem as valuable when infact you've left behind the one piece most valuable of all.............your little friend. The one that has depended upon you and trusted you, and you just walk away. How do you sleep at night, how do you think upon that time, in that place and not remember the animal you abandoned there? Or do you, and you just don't care?

I could truly rant about this type of blatant disregard for animal welfare until the cows come home, but of course I know that here I'm preaching to the choir. Besides, the most important part of this entry is our dear kitty in the story - our Caramel.

Approximately 4 years of age, with large, expressive green eyes and a beautiful torti coat, I couldn't help think of my Miss Remy when I saw her. She's been good as gold so far, but unfortunately we're having abit of trouble in the eating department as it appears she's begun to battle a URI. So, out comes the antibiotics, out comes the 5 different types of food to try and entice eating, and out comes the force feeding kit.

I'd love to write that force feeding was a breeze, but Caramel was not appreciative of our trying to shove food down her throat, and who can blame her? We've known her less than 48 hours, and here we are, two total strangers holding her down, prying open her mouth, stuffing in a syringe filled with yucky wet mess, and asking her not to fight! Well fight she did and we've been doing this long enough to know definitivly that this (if it has to continue), will be a battle the whole way.

So tonight, she's resting and has an a la carte menu of different foods to try in her guest room. Here's praying that I awake tomorrow morning to find the drugs are already working, and the grumbling of her tummy could no longer be ignored. Because honestly............I don't relish the thought of Round #2 @ 5:00am!

Monday, January 13, 2014


One week and one day later, Sable is in her new pink soft carrier, headed home with her AMAZING new forever Mommy to be spoiled rotten as an only kitty!!!!!

I have to say that that was without a doubt, this was one of the easiest meet n' greet/adoptions that we have ever done. This young lady and her Dad who accompanied her, were just top notch individuals - HUGE animal lovers AND just all around lovely, lovely people. In my book, they are the "dream" adopters - the ones you wish for at every meeting.

Sable's new Mom just fell in love with her (who could not), and was quite adament that they would be become good friends and that Sable was just the little companion she had been searching for. I have to say that tonight, I will have no anxiousness or concern for our little girl's welfare - she is going to be that well cared for!

Already, I'm setting my sights on whose next. One guest checked out, on her way to forever happines..............another guest soon to be checked in.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


I just had to share these latest shots of Sable. She's been with us a week tomorrow, and she's really come out of her shell. Two things we know about her absolutely now is that A) she is not terribly fond of other cats (at least our two boys haven't won any popularity contests with her), and 2) she LOVES humans and is a complete and utter lovebug with them

She'll not only crawl up onto your chest if you lay down, she'll be just as happy snuggling up beside you while you read a book, and when we're on the home PC, she jumps up on the desk within two minutes and lays down right in front of us - not before she's situated herself of course, so that her head or at least one paw is resting on your arm! Can you say sweet?

The shot above is her new favourite spot which is a little cat bed we set up for her on our dresser. I think it helps her to feel less stressed with the boys because she can get up there, survey the whole situation and neither of them can sneak up on her. I think she also likes it because it's in our bedroom which tends to be quieter and with less going on.

This one above is a personal favourite and really shows off her round little face and body. She is SO CUTE with those big round eyes, round little face, and her wiggle when she walks. Now the age old question is, who in their right mind tosses a pretty girl like this outdoors and then abandons her there?

But once again it appears I've answered my own question because obviously they didn't have a mind; at least not one that cared about the welfare of their pet.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We were so excited to welcome our next guest at Safe Haven, who is in the form of an adorable, petite, all black female (with a small spritz of white under her chin and another on her belly) who is 5 yrs old and among other things, has that constant wide eyed expression which makes her look like she just got the surprise of a lifetime! We've named her Sable and already find her pretty amusing to watch!

She arrived on Sunday and last night was her first evening meeting the boys. It hasn't gone totally great (introductions I mean), but it hasn't been totally awful either. Typical of alot of females, Sable is not putting up with any guff and so to ensure that everyone understands she is a little diva, there's been some growling and hissing and swatting just to get every one on the same page. Temperment wise, she's been very sweet with us, getting up on hubby's chest for a snuggle on Day Two of being here, but she also has attention tolerance issues when feeling stressed. She's loving the love one minute, and whirling around to attack your hand with a deep growl and abit of hissing thrown in for good measure, the next.

What she does love is being talked to, being petted (provided she's calm), and having her chin scratched and not necessarily in that order. She really is adorable to watch as she scurries around, the house still appears to be entertaining her with all it's nooks and cranies, but we're sure that as she settles in and settles down, all will be calm and orderly once again and before we know it, it will be her turn to be adopted.

As we all know, black cats are very hard to adopt out but Sable is not just any black cat - already I see the spunky nature and personality plus that lies just below the surface..............I don't doubt that potential adopters will see it too!

Now the challenge is to get some good shots of our beauty for posting on the website - wish us luck.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Sampson has just left on his way to his new forever home. His forever family was just lovely and funnily enough, Dad wasn't the biggest cat lover in the lot, but Sampson seemed to warm up to him almost instantly and when they left, it was Dad protectively carrying the carrier to the car. :)

Here at Safe Haven we have some mixed feelings tonight as we miss our little boy. Just hours before the family arrived, we were contemplating whether we should adopt him ourselves and so it will be heavy hearts for the next few days until the next guest arrives.

My hubby is going to especially miss this little guy - they had really bonded.

Good luck Sampson........we just loved having the chance to meet you and wish you a life filled with happiness and fun.