Tuesday, March 27, 2012


In recent weeks I had seen a little kitty once again roaming our neighbourhood, but had yet to get an up close introduction. I kept hoping that it was just someone's kitty that had decided to go on a little neighbourhood walk, and that it wouldn't end up being another stray yet again appearing. Well in the last week two of our neighbours had made us aware of this little kitty, and befoe I had a chance to obtain a trap, I got a call last night indicating that he/she had quite happily (and easily), been coaxed into my one neighbours home where she spent the night.

We picked her up after work from the clinic, all freshly vaccinated, dewormed and deflea'd, and thankfully, she was already spayed (a first for us) - at least someone cared enough to do that! Sooooo we're fostering another until there's an adoption and she can be moved. In the meantime, she is SUPER CUTE, SUPER SWEET, and SUPER AFFECTIONATE, and we've named her Carmel.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I always knew that cats have THE life - the one we're all dreaming of as we drag ourselves out of bed in the morning for work or school, the one we look on with envy as we rush around doing chores, taking care of kids, and living life in the fast paced, demanding, never stop environment of today's world. But I have to admit that never was that made more apparent to me than it was by this next shot:

If it looks like a Diva and acts like a Diva and poses like a Diva, than it's a DIVA! Here she is, in all her glory, showing everyone (including our two boys), the new Queen of the house. Infact just prior to my taking this picture, Flossy had managed to toss Silly out of this cat bed (which happens to be his favourite), so that she could get in it! She can frequently be caught teasing, tormenting and luring our dear sweet Silly with her full arsenol of female persuasions, everything from her tail to her dainty little wiggle walk, constantly keep him amused and bemused. *LOL*

In all seriousness she is doing so well. Unfortunately we have yet to have even one call on her adoption wise, which we just can't understand why. She was just at the vet's yesterday due to some ongoing issues with her allergies, but we're trying yet another new food and she had a steriod shot which appears already to have helped tremendously.

The unfortunate thing is that while she's here I can no longer foster anymore males -Silly nearly went beserk while Wilbur was with us, and it's clear that Flossy is his girl and his alone - he's not looking to share her with anyone.

She's got our Sylvester wrapped right around her little paw - and she knows it.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I never dreamed when Flossy first came to stay with us that she would ultimately turn into a "Mommy's Girl". Maybe it's because I become so engrossed in caring for them, the fosters I mean, that I forget that in feeding them and cleaning their litterbox, and in administering meds and spending hours upon hours trying to gain their trust, that the end result may very well be that they become tied to me emotionally.

I've taken afew days off this past week and it's suddenly dawned on me the extent to which Flossy appears to follow me around. I can go up and down the stairs a hundred times, I can switch rooms or seats quickly or slowly and I'll always find when I look down, that she's reappeared as though she's been there all along. Even as I type this entry, I left our livingroom with her asleep on the arm of our loveseat not ten minutes ago, I just happened to look down from the desk here where I sit now, and she's curled up on the floor at my feet, snoozing as I type this.

I guess I should have realized that something was amiss when hubby and I both saw that she'd eat for noone but me............