Sunday, August 30, 2015


Ivey has been with us a week today. She was at the vet's late last week for some much needed dental which ended up in her losing one of her canines, but that's all behind her now and after afew more days of meds, she'll be right as rain.

SUCH a little sweetheart, she's easygoing, gentle, doesn't mind the company of other cats, and also gives the tiniest little love nips when she's wanting some attention (not hurtful at all which just makes them that much cuter). Somebody out there did a horrible injustice to this girl in that they had her declawed but didn't spay her! - I guess they were hoping for some polydactly kittens they could sell if they breeded her.

She's totally safe now and we're so enjoying having her with us....

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


After Marigold's adoption on Saturday, it was only a matter of an hour or so before the rescue called. I've actually renamed the rescue coordinator "Kitty Hustler" simply because she LIVES rescue and is constantly planning, juggling, begging, and pleading for foster homes to help by opening up their homes to yet another desperately needy kitty!

So after a thorough clean of the guest room, off I went to pick up our next houseguest. She's a 3 year old, polydactl tabby that we've named Ivey. She LOVES other cats, people, and so far has been completely chill - so much so that I almost started to wonder if there was something the matter. As I type this, she has already been given full access to the house (and the boys), and this is how she reacted:

So far neither of the boys have had any reaction to her either...........can this really be it for this one? Well just to make doubly sure we're all on the same page with this, she'll be escorted back to her guestroom come bedtime, but honestly it looks as though this will be one of those "pinch me" stays. :))

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Late last week I asked if Marigold could be the "featured" kitty on the rescue's main page of their website in the hopes that it would provide her with more exposure and increase her chances of getting adopted. That was done on Friday - on Saturday morning, I got a call saying that there was another potential adopter for our girl.

We initially chatted via phone first and I answered their questions as it pertained to Marigold's current grooming issues and her overall temperment. Than we made an appointment for yesterday at dinnertime for them to come by for the the meet n' greet, 90 minutes after that, I was saying goodbye to our princess as she headed out the door with her new parents!

They were smitten with her almost instantly and true to her diva self, Marigold was confidant, calm and endearing. Even our two boys seem to be totally relaxed during the visit, almost as if they too knew that their days of putting up with Miss FancyPants were almost over. *L*

The shot above?.............taken within two hours of her being in her new home.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


Today I won't be writing about kitties. Instead, as I've done in the 2 years previous to this one, I'm dedicating this post to my younger Sister Tanya who passed away 3 years ago on this day at the age of 38.

There has not been one single day since she died that I have not thought of her. At times, I can be in the full throes of something and suddenly I am reminded that she is no longer among us and it can still quite literally take my breath away. Thirty six months later and her passing can still seem so surreal.

The sadness and sorrow I have felt with her sickness and subsequent death has not diminished and I don't expect that it ever will, but it has in some ways, changed. I don't accept what happened to her but I am learning to live with it, and I know that she lives on in a place free from the pain and suffering she endured here; for that I am eternally grateful.

For Tanya Marlene Hermann who loved the colour purple, and enjoyed the singer Usher, I remember.........and you are still my Sister.

Friday, August 14, 2015


So far there have been two different adoption enquiries about Marigold. The first one wasn't a fit and the second which was an initial phone call earlier this morning, certainly was not!

As soon as I began chatting with the potential adopter, my spidy senses were tingling. A first rate "know it all" who thought the fact that Marigold came to us with a dry, rather lack lustre coat was "strange" (her word not mine), and who when I began to explain that Marigold would need help at present in keeping her derriere clean, cut me right off to say absolutely not! I responded to say that I appreciated the honesty and that I would let the adoption screener know it wasn't the right fit; and promptly ended the discussion.

I admit it, it's bugged me all day. Not that she wasn't willing to take Marigold on, because goodness knows that judging by her demeanour on the phone call, this adoption would have NEVER gone through; but it was moreso the way in which she conveyed herself. What I wish in hindsight I had said to her, was that it was wonderful she had been so forthright in her displeasure to consider Marigold, because infact I would never allow her to be adopted by someone unwilling to care for her the way she needed!!! This woman was abrasive and rude and it has stuck in my craw!

All that said (or vented), I realize that there are few people who will willingly want to adopt a cat with this issue but quite honestly it takes 5 minutes daily, and it's just not that big of a deal. I comfort myself by realizing that all those who will pass her by because of it, miss out on a really nice kitty to have as a friend.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I think if Marigold were a woman, she would very much remind me of "M" from the James Bond films. A lady through and through, she's tough, no nonsense but abit soft deep in the middle if she allows you to see that far.

There was an adoption call for M last week which resulted in a meet n' greet yesterday. I've come to the conclusion that I get nervous and agonize over the ones that somewhere deep down inside I know are likely fits; the ones that never are I never seem to get quite so worked up over in advance. This apppointment was absolutely the latter. They were a young couple, nice and friendly but something just didn't seem to say YES. They came, they met Marigold who was not shy in the slightest, came down to greet them, and even rolled over onto her back to put all four paws in the air just in case there was any question of how cute she really is; and yet they hardly interacted with her at all. They were more content to stand and talk to me, glancing at her occassionally, than they were in getting to know her. It was quickly apparent that they wouldn't be the right home for our girl and in not so many words, that was the opinion I left them with.

Totally fine on this end, as we're all doing just fine here and as always, we're in no rush to usher our guest out the door into the arms of the wrong forever home.