Friday, August 14, 2015


So far there have been two different adoption enquiries about Marigold. The first one wasn't a fit and the second which was an initial phone call earlier this morning, certainly was not!

As soon as I began chatting with the potential adopter, my spidy senses were tingling. A first rate "know it all" who thought the fact that Marigold came to us with a dry, rather lack lustre coat was "strange" (her word not mine), and who when I began to explain that Marigold would need help at present in keeping her derriere clean, cut me right off to say absolutely not! I responded to say that I appreciated the honesty and that I would let the adoption screener know it wasn't the right fit; and promptly ended the discussion.

I admit it, it's bugged me all day. Not that she wasn't willing to take Marigold on, because goodness knows that judging by her demeanour on the phone call, this adoption would have NEVER gone through; but it was moreso the way in which she conveyed herself. What I wish in hindsight I had said to her, was that it was wonderful she had been so forthright in her displeasure to consider Marigold, because infact I would never allow her to be adopted by someone unwilling to care for her the way she needed!!! This woman was abrasive and rude and it has stuck in my craw!

All that said (or vented), I realize that there are few people who will willingly want to adopt a cat with this issue but quite honestly it takes 5 minutes daily, and it's just not that big of a deal. I comfort myself by realizing that all those who will pass her by because of it, miss out on a really nice kitty to have as a friend.


  1. Hmm.This issue for Marigold is temporary since she will lose her weight in time, correct? What bothers me about this rude potential adopter is that when a cat becomes a senior cat, they might have this problem for quite some time until it is time to let them go.That was the case with our foster Tulip .Her hyperthyroidism gave her loose stools and she needed daily help in order to stay clean. I can understand why this woman got under your skin since she was clearly incapable of unconditional love. Marigold's purrfect family will find her and they will give her everything she needs and more until it is time for her to leave this earth, which is what a family should always be! Let it go and know that this rude woman's loss will be both Marigold's and her future family's gain!

    Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo

  2. LM...yes, this woman indeed has issues ... and thank goodness you were able to vet her and nix the conversation. you know best what Marigold needs ... and a home with an owner who is mentally unbalanced is indeed not in the stars. We pray that Marigold's purr-fect forever home is coming soon and bless you for enjoying every moment with her.

  3. it is a very special person who is willing to take on a cat with special needs, but it is because that person knows the bond you will form with that cat will be unlike any other.. you get each other on a whole different level and the trust.. oh I wish more people would understand.