Tuesday, May 14, 2013


A week or so ago a neighbour of mine made me aware of a stray/feral kitty that had suddenly shown up on her back deck. My thoughts immediately went to Cleopatra (our lone feral in our colony of 1), and of course Red (who graces the front of my blog, not only because he is one amazing kitty but because he's the poster cat for every stray/feral encounter I'll have forever more) - both of whom we were able to trap, vet and take care of.

Initially I told my neighbour to keep me posted. Apart of me silently hoping that this was a kitty who had just wandered away from home, and would wander back. But within days I received another update indicating that he was a frequent visitor and gobbling anything put out for him, obviously very afraid and very alone. So having put my years of experience in fostering (and my new venture into the world of TNRing) to work, I set out to make arrangements with all the contacts I had, to borrow a trap, trap him, make an appointment at a Feral Spay/Neuter clinic, get him a a spot at the Recovery Centre and then release him back outside. One neighbour agreed to do the trapping, another agreed to do transport to the clinic, and both agreed that once he was TNR'd, they'd watch over him, keeping him fed and protected as best they could (as they do with Cleopatra), once he was back to living outdoors.

Then I got a call and an email (never a good sign), that our feral kitty was not feral at all. Infact, once the first week of regular feedings were under his belt and he realized he was among friends, he let his little light shine and voila! - one incredibly handsome cat turned out to be also one incredibly affectionate one as well! He was desperate to come inside, torturing my one neighbour with his constant meowing at night and pawing at her balcony door - as if to say, "Hey wait a minute..........why are you leaving me out here?". Now realizing that he was not feral at all and a complete lovebug, I focused on getting arrangements made to have him neutered while the other neighbour focused on trying to find a fellow cat lover who would offer this boy a good home.

Would you believe me if I told you her efforts on the latter proved totally fruitful within hours of starting a serious search? Well they did, and infact as I type this, not even 12 hours later, our sweet little guy has been adopted by a wonderful woman who has named him Riley, has fallen totally in love and best of all..............given him his forever home; where he will be safe and secure (and neutered) inside all the rest of his days.

All I can say is thank goodness I have neighbours who love cats as much as I do because as the saying goes (and rightly so) - it takes a village.

Sweet dreams tonight Riley, may Heavenly Father bless you and keep you safe all the days of your life.

"Riley - Cute As Can Be"
"Riley - Even Cuter Still"

Friday, May 10, 2013


Some of you may remember my writing afew weeks ago about "Wallemena" a little wee kitten that former adopters of ours had rescued off of a skid of mulch at a local Walmart in Florida during their winter vacationing there. She was all by her lonesome at the time of discovery, very young (approximately 3-4 weeks), and survival at such a tender age without a nursing Mom to nourish her, is dicey at best.

Her new parents couldn't bare to part with her so they had her vetted and brought her home with them afew weeks ago..............not sure how their existing two kitties would react to a new little friend. Well, it turns out that both resident adult cats view her as a non event, so she's settling in nicely and although she hasn't made friends with them, it does appear that she's won over the heart of another special someone..............

Americus & New BBF "Charlie"


Yes they have renamed her Americus and report that her and Charlie are madly in love with one another!!!!!!!!!!

To think that this little darling started out on a very rough road and now look at her, I'd say she's landed herself a very sweet pad indeed and all the love a baby kitten can stand.

I personally LOVE IT!!