Friday, June 29, 2012


With all the recent activity that the kittens have brought to our home, including taking up a huge chunk of our time in caring for them, it can be easy to have your own kitties take a back seat for a time.  It's certainly not intentional and it's the part of fostering that can sometimes have me feeling guilty and to care for, pay attention to, and love, those that come to Safe Haven for the refuge, while at the same time ensuring that Safe Haven's permanent residents (Rocky & Silly), don't feel slighted or replaced.

One of the ways we attempt to keep our own kids content in the face of all the new whiskers coming and going, is to keep their routine as much as possible, and take the necessary steps to protect the things that are sacred to them.  One of those "special" times for Silly is first thing in the morning before hubby has risen.   Every morning like clockwork, Silly waits for me to place his Daddy's bath towel on the toilet seat lid so that he can hop up and assume a snuggle position - once he's settled you could easily hear his purring from 10 feet away!  He never budges or moves a muscle until hubby has risen and comes into the bathroom to greet him.

It's so satisfying for me to see this boy who loves my husband so very much, take pleasure in such a small thing that says such large things about the special bond that's been created by one big guy and his little buddy.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It feels abit weird to enter the kittens room now and see only four as opposed to the original six - funny how two little ones can make such a huge difference in the dynamics of things in so many ways.

By Sunday it will be just Abner & Hobbs, how ironic that the two who look most like twins will be the remaining ones waiting for adoption.  I'm hoping they don't have to wait long and that they can also go together since we were lucky enough to have the first four go in pairs.

Their faces and bodies are changing rapidly now it seems, every morning I head down to greet them they almost appear to have sprouted more height overnight!; gives the expression "growing up before your very eyes" a whole new meaning.   I don't regret for one moment having saved this little family, I'm left to think about their Mom and how I hope her owners changed their minds and had her spayed.  A seven year old female continuing to have litters - it just disgusts me for a whole multitude of reasons.

I just snapped the following shots, I'm sort of feeling like I need to get as many as I can now since these little ones are moving on fast and every day brings more changes to things..............

Note:  Please excuse the one shot that captured my hubby's butt - he is a heat magnet for the kids *L*

Monday, June 25, 2012


It's been an incredibly busy weekend rescue wise at our home.  Lots of emails, phone calls, and visits back and forth as decisions were considered and adoptions finalized.

Ollie and Honey were adopted this weekend by a lovely young couple who became completely smitten with these two little darlings................but how could anyone not? 

Unfortunately Flossy will not be adopted afterall.  It became quickly apparent upon trying to have her spend time with Finn alone, that she really detests kittens and since the potential adopter really wanted a pair, Finn will now be headed home with his little sister Petunia.

My heart breaks for Flossy right now because she's waited so long for her forever home and because people who visit sadly don't get to see her at her very best as she's somewhat shy and a little standoffish with strangers.  She really tries to put her best foot forward but so far there's always been something standing in her way.  Also it's hard to convey that her loving and adorable self is visible to us in so many ways because she's spent 8 months in our home, apart of our family.  In a 20 or 30 minute meeting, she's not going to be all that and more since she's still trying to ensure that it's even safe for her to approach strangers that come over.

After this weekend, I will only have Abner and Hobbs kitten wise - it's also been sad to watch the babies part ways as a family but what can you do.................realisitically speaking you know six kittens aren't all going to the same home to spend their lives together - it just isn't feasible.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'm almost afraid to say it, but I think we've finally settled into a routine with 9 cats in the house. I can scarcely believe that it is actually that many - the most we've ever had at any one time..........needless to say two of those are ours but still; HOLY CROW!

Since Flossy & Finn are in the holding stage for adoption, we're taking this time to try and help them to get to know one another and to make the transition to their new forever home together, a little less stressful. So far it isn't going too badly, the first couple of nights it was Flossy hissing at Finn, last night it was Finn hissing at Flossy; which is completely hilarious to watch since he's 10 weeks and she's full grown. I did however manage to get them in very close proximity to one another last night as I began teasing them both with the same toy...........when I say close I mean about a foot apart and they didn't do too badly at all. I don't foresee any major problems when their new Mom takes them home.

All of the kittens have now had their neuter/spay surgeries - the last three came home last night. Funnily enough, we thought we took in two girls and one boy, and it turned out it was actually two boys and one girl. Apple became Ollie! - I should have known............his wiry little ways were a dead giveaway for a boy!!

Of course this entry wouldn't be complete without afew new pics, hope you enjoy. Oh and btw, I have another potential adopter coming tomorrow night to possibly adopt two kittens, so it looks as though that number 9 will be dramatically reduced sooner rather than later.

Monday, June 18, 2012


There is apart of me that thinks maybe I'm overdoing it in the snapshot dept what with these kittens as our latest guests, but quite honestly, if there is anyone out there getting sick of seeing them.............what are you doing clicking on a cat rescue blog!! *L*

They won't be little like this forever so I just have to cease every opportunity to capture them at such an adorable stage of their lives. I really hope that some of their new parents will keep in touch with us so that we can see them as they grow and mature into full grown kitties.

So for tonight here's sweet, adorable, cute, precious, mischevious and daring all rolled into one............

Sunday, June 17, 2012


The lady that showed an initial interest in Flossy arrived on Saturday as previously planned. I liked her instantly, she exuded a warmth and caring that only another cat lover could recognize. Flossy came right down to greet her and I could tell, liked her as well. We sat and chatted for abit and Flossy was very friendly, allowing our guest to pet her and even engage in some play.

It was then that we talked about a companion kitty for Flossy, since she loves other cats so much, it was vitally important that this adopter be prepared to welcome another cat into her home for Flossy to befriend, and thankfully she was. So without further adieu, we travelled downstairs and I introduced her to the creamsicle clan............almost instantly, our Finn caught her eye. They had all been in the throes of afternoon napping so they were sleepy, warm, purring and just downright adorable; you have to love it when all the stars align and everyone puts their best paw forward :))

We tested Flossy and Finn together upstairs, and our Baby Girl did amazingly well - only afew hisses, otherwise everyone was very well behaved. So we agreed on the 24 hour waiting period to give everyone a chance to think upon this potential adoption, and I'm delighted to report that today it was confirmed this lovely lady will be adopting both Flossy and Finn together!!!!

We'll spend the next two weeks creating an environment where Flossy & Finn can spend some time together, getting to know one another and hopefully aiding toward a smooth transition to their new home as siblings.

Their new Mom is just a lovely person who I have no doubt whatsoever will take amazing care of them, and this is more than you can wish for in adopters. She is an experienced cat owner, has had rescue kitties before, and is thoroughly looking forward to being a Mom again - all music to my ears!

In the back of my mind are the feelings I'll go through as I bid Flossy goodbye; but for now at least I have to concentrate on preparing her little by little for this next chapter in her life. I have to push back down the tears and sadness I will ultimately feel as she leaves our home, and remind myself that this is her forever happiness - it was always the plan, always the goal, but in having her these past 8 months, it was impossible not to grow to love her deeply and to forget for a time that she was a guest only and never mine to keep.

I'll deal with her leaving after - for right now I have two little babies that I must prepare for the most joyous of events. Their forever home has come for them and it couldn't be a brighter time.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


It never ceases to amaze me how when it rains it pours in the cat rescue world! We've no sooner gotten Finn, Abner and Honey all settled back in here after their vet appointments, and I receive word of someone interested in adopting Flossy.

Now there have been a number of people interested in her, with only a couple having actually come to meet her, the difference this time is that this woman sounds as though she may be the "the one"...........maybe. I guess what makes me say that is because upon learning about Flossy's full mouth extraction AND her special allergen free diet that she must remain on, this woman was still engaged on the phone and indicated that she would love to meet our little baby girl.

Flossy has been with us since last October and no amount of typing could ever properly convey the leaps and bounds this girl has made both emotionally and physically. This adoption enquiry call prompted me to look back upon some earlier photo's of her and I just can't believe the transformation.

The meeting is Saturday - I have mixed feelings of course about it but the main thing is ensuring that it's the right home for Flossy...........she hasn't come all this way and fought this hard to survive, only to be rehomed into an environment where she'll be unhappy. I've been here a tonne of times before but why is it then that this time feels like the first time all over again.

To be continued.........

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Last night hubby and I dropped off the first three of the litter for their neuter surgeries - the biggest of the boys as chance would have it, Finn, Ollie & Abner. Imagine my surprise when the vet announced that Ollie is actually a she! I quickly reverted back to the original name we had picked out for this tabby since initially for some reason I suspected it was a she, but I squashed those thoughts when she began growing rapidly and her eating pace was keeping up with that of her brothers (you know those ferocious appetites that males seem to have - both animal and human alike!) :))

So Ollie has gone back to being Honey, so sorry little girl about that mixup. The other thing that should have tipped me off to her sex was the fact that during the course of last night's ride, she cried her little heart out whereas her two brothers laid down in the carrier and were content to enjoy the air conditioning. *L*

Sunday, June 10, 2012


After hours of playing and running and jumping and investigating everything in their path, the creamsicle clan (as I lovingly refer to them), will suddenly one by one, all get very tired and each makes their way back to their little beds for snuggling and snoozes. I love watching them sleep and I love greeting them after their naps because they all instantly begin meowing and purring, wanting to be held and loved. There's something about warm, soft, little babies all clamouring to make their way onto your lap for affection that is just so precious - I honestly don't think it gets more innocent and it's one of the best parts of having the opportunity to foster them.

Weigh ins on Saturday have reflected their healthy little appetites - three of them are already over the necessary weight to go in for the neuter/spay surgeries, so we expect them to be visiting the clinic any day now. The other three aren't far behind and soon they'll all be ready for adoption.............

This is our little Apple - a cuddly, snuggly, darling little teacup of a kitten who loves nothing better than to crawl into your lap for attention. If all of you could meet her, trust me when I tell you that you would fall helplessly in love.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm so happy to report that the six little ones we have staying with us are doing amazing! The first evening they were somewhat shy and uncertain but as anyone whose fostered or looked after kittens will tell you.........that lasts maybe 30 seconds before they discover all things PLAY!! Now they are jumping, running, climbing, and pouncing on anything and everything within their line of sight. Each day brings new territory to conquer (a sure sign that they are growing up before our very eyes), with last night's terrain being the discovery that they could climb my housecoat all the way up to my shoulder and perch there to survey the scene. Only the boys have made this venture though, the little girls are far too ladylike and just haven't mustered that much courage.

In addition, we were incorrect in our first report of boys vs girls - we actually have four boys (Ollie, Abner, Hobbs & Finn) and two girls (Petunia & Apple), with both girls being exactly half the size of the boys (that's those male piggie eaters for ya). The best news of all is that my previously named party pooper hubby has agreed that we can foster them so I won't have to part with them before adoption time comes!!!

The newness and innocence of these little lives is not lost on me as I'm with them each day. Before me lie six tiny lives who haven't experienced anything except love, happiness and safety, and I pray that the adopters who will ultimately assume responsibility for them ensure that it remains that way. But of course that's me once again looking too far ahead and needing to remind myself that there are just so many things that are outside the realm of our control.

May you enjoy these as much as I loved taking them :) :) - from kitty cat heaven, ciao for now!!