Monday, June 25, 2012


It's been an incredibly busy weekend rescue wise at our home.  Lots of emails, phone calls, and visits back and forth as decisions were considered and adoptions finalized.

Ollie and Honey were adopted this weekend by a lovely young couple who became completely smitten with these two little darlings................but how could anyone not? 

Unfortunately Flossy will not be adopted afterall.  It became quickly apparent upon trying to have her spend time with Finn alone, that she really detests kittens and since the potential adopter really wanted a pair, Finn will now be headed home with his little sister Petunia.

My heart breaks for Flossy right now because she's waited so long for her forever home and because people who visit sadly don't get to see her at her very best as she's somewhat shy and a little standoffish with strangers.  She really tries to put her best foot forward but so far there's always been something standing in her way.  Also it's hard to convey that her loving and adorable self is visible to us in so many ways because she's spent 8 months in our home, apart of our family.  In a 20 or 30 minute meeting, she's not going to be all that and more since she's still trying to ensure that it's even safe for her to approach strangers that come over.

After this weekend, I will only have Abner and Hobbs kitten wise - it's also been sad to watch the babies part ways as a family but what can you do.................realisitically speaking you know six kittens aren't all going to the same home to spend their lives together - it just isn't feasible.

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  1. Flossy will find her forever home. The right person will come along who will see how special she is.

    I am not able to pick up one of my cats because she is so shy but once a month she will jump up on my lap and have a nap. I have no idea why she decides to do that but I am grateful that she does and look forward to the next time. She is happy with my other two cats who are very friendly and I'm hoping that she will come around. But if she doesn't it doesn't matter - she's happy and that's all that matters.