Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Happy New Year to all of you! - so exciting to think that another new one is upon us. So excited for all of the potential lives the rescue will be able to save this year and of course, the small part that we'll be able to play in welcoming some of those kids here to the Safe Haven.

The holidays have been lovely and it's been so nice to spend the past almost two weeks now with our furbabies. Clarence is still with us and I personally find myself loving him more and more each day. Just last night he fell asleep on my chest while I was watching t.v., tucking his head under my chin. No calls for him as yet but it's not really surprising as his FIV+ status will make him abit harder to adopt out (but not impossible!) :))

In addition, we've had afew emails from past adopters which we were so thrilled to receive.........

Our darling Pica:

And our VERY handsome Mako:

Both are entirely loved, spoiled, and happy. What more could we ask for to kick off 2018!!!!