Wednesday, February 24, 2016


CeeCee has been here a month and exactly one week from today, she will make the trek to her new forever home. Yes you read correctly..........she was adopted last night and will be picked up next Wednesday March 2nd. Her new Mom is moving homes and wants to make sure that she gets all the big stuff done before bringing CeeCee to live with her so she doesn't become too scared with too much commotion.

"J" is a lovely young woman who was really looking for a senior kitty to adopt because she wanted to help an older cat that might be getting overlooked. If that wasn't lovely enough, she's a HUGE animal lover, comes from a family of animal lovers, and was totally taken with CeeCee almost from the word go. I was worried our girl would be overly nervous with a stranger, but she really liked "J", so much so that she was licking her toes by the end of their visit! *L*

I'm really really going to miss this beauty - she's been so loving and sweet. "J" offered to have us visit anytime we like but of course that's not possible for me. The only way I can continue to do what I do and let them go, is if I really let them go and keep forging ahead to the next one that needs our help. I read wise counsel recently that I take with me everywhere now....

The Past Is To Be Remembered But Not Lived In.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Do you think she looks comfy, relaxed, and spoiled? This is CeeCee melting Daddy's heart like only a female can. She's had to work at it overtime since she's been abit of a nasty kitty with Rocky the last few days. To be specific, she's been caught chasing him - something that will tick Dad off faster than anything. There's a golden rule here at Safe Haven that there is absolutely no bullying allowed, by anyone. The fact that she's bullying our elderly, disabled, Rockstar is even worse. Although he couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag due to his wobbliness, he's really all talk and no show when push comes to shove. Not to mention, CeeCee outweighs him by about 5-7 Ibs, easy. All that said, his cranky, possessive, stomping nature can push the best natured foster over the edge, so the fact that CeeCee has decided to try and teach him a thing or two doesn't really come as any huge surprise to me.

The whole situation kind of reminds me of the little girl with the pigtails at school who is constantly harrassed, taunted and teased by the boy who sits behind her in class. You know the one..............he pulls her pigtails, sticks gum on her chair, steals her books only to toss them into the nearest puddle, and calls her nasty names. Eventually, sweet Susie is going muster up enough courage to teach him a thing or two.............

The fact that I've relayed this story trying to supress a giggle and a smile from creeping across my face - that shouldn't concern you at all.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


If CeeCee is still a guest with us here at Safe Haven than I would say she's taking ALOT of liberties. This sprawled out "I'm relaxing" attitude has become very commonplace and not only that, but she doesn't even restrict her lounging to just one place in the house. Oh no, in true, typical female fashion, she stretches herself out wherever and whenever it strikes her fancy.............the boys can deal with that (or not)!

I just rewrote her bio for the rescue's website. Thank you Tails from the Foster Kittens for your comment regarding how the love someone reads in what I write about her, will ultimately make that person want to meet and adopt her. I reflected on that and decided quickly that my first attempt at her write up just didn't convey her awesome personality adequately enough - so I resubmitted.

In a nutshell, we just love her. She's a total lovebug, I still cannot believe that someone would send a cat this incredible and sweet off to die.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


CeeCee arrived home last night after having a sleepover at the vet clinic so she could get her teeth cleaned. The great news is that no extractions were required and now her pearlies are white again! I was so happy to see her when I got home from work yesterday, I worried over how scared she would be in a cage yet again, and felt horrible that she had to stay overnight but now it's all behind us. :))

She's been doing really well although she remains somewhat on edge around the boys (surprise, surprise) and there's absolutely no love loss between her and Rocky - another surprise, surprise. She is so affectionate and can often be found falling asleep with her head resting in my lap or on my arm or against my leg; and she loves nothing more than affection, affection, affection. I just submitted her bio and pictures to the website, something I found hard to do since I already find myself attached but which must be done because of that very feeling - I cannot keep her and she cannot stay but if all the homeless and unwanted cats in the world found homes tomorrow, than it's a surety that hers would be here with me.