Saturday, March 26, 2016


I just submitted Karma's bio and pictures to the rescue's website. Hard to believe that two weeks since her arrival has already come and gone, but I think she'll be much happier to move to a home without other cats as she's not enjoying sharing her space with the boys at all.

She becomes a little more trusting each day, but is still quite quick to let you know if you're doing something not to her liking. Brushing her is proving an event all unto itself - I actually have to get hubby to help me since she's not a huge fan of the brush and always ends up rolling herself up into a tight ball and swatting at me for the most part when I try to groom her. Anyone listening on the other side of a door when we're brushing her would think we were killing her the way she carries on! I'm not sure if perhaps her previous owner was somewhat rough with the brush, or if the fac that she has that fine hair which knots so easily is more the cause of her displeasure? Either way, I can brush her out and not ten minutes later her coat will have her looking like a drowned rat all over again - very frustrating to say the least.

Her new thing is hopping up onto the bed with me at night and snuggling in beside me while I'm reading or watching t.v. She likes to lay in the crook of my arm, kneading and purring very sweet. I've begun calling her my little muffin. :))

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Karma is turning out to be a doll and a diva all rolled into one. She hasn't been here quite a week and I can report with full confidance that she loves to be petted - a real litte lovebug...............on her own terms. She's not shy about letting you know when she's had enough AND grooming her beautiful little self has uncovered that she has some issues with the brush (hence why her coat has become so unkept). She loves under the chin and down the front but go anywhere near her hind end or the lower half of her stomach and you'll be promptly told about it!

She is also a picky eater - preferring total crap over anything even remotely healthy; which yet again explains why her coat looks the way that it does. We may have a little battle of wills go on shortly (after she's feeling totally 100% from her extractions of course) - since Mommy isn't about to let her be adopted looking more like a ragamuffin than a princess. :)

Saturday, March 12, 2016


CeeCee was adopted just over a week ago and her new Mom has been kind enough already to bless us with updates/pictures. She's doing really, really well and they are both enjoying each other's company immensley. Doesn't she appear as though she blends right in to her new surroundings?

We've really missed her this past week so I was excited to see that there was a kitty just for us on the rescue list that went out last night. "Karma" is 9 years old and was recently surrendered with a couple of other kitties from her previous home (they are not bonded, hence why we're only fostering her) because evidently their owner could no longer care for them. I just read the release form the owner completed and they indicated "health reasons". I try no to judge these types of surrenders because for all I know the owner has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or is facing the end of life in a long term care facility - both of which is neither their fault. At the end of the day, it's done now and the main thing is to help Karma resettle and feel safe once more. Her previous owner did indicate that she's very sweet and loving AND evidently enjoys the company of dogs...........all ingredients to make her awesome adoption material!

Oh and I think I failed to mention that she's another calico.........this time long haired. I'm sure CeeCee would be delighted to know that our new guest is a rescue alot like her.