Saturday, June 17, 2017


We've been keeping in pretty close contact with Muff's new Mom since she took him home a couple of weeks ago and we're thrilled to report that everything is going great! He and his new feline roommate Dipsy (geez how I love that name for a kitty!) have been getting to know one another slowly but all indications are that they will be friends in no time. True to fashion, Muff has been on his best behavior and "A" his Mom just sounds more and more smitten with him every time she emails us!

So without further adieu, here is a picture of our gorgeous fella in his new digs - looking pretty happy I'd say......

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Tonight is a fresh start for our Muff who went to his new forever home earlier today. It feels so strange without him in the house tonight, but his new Mom was so excited to be taking him home, and we take comfort in knowing that she's going to take great care of him.

This is also a fresh start for our new houseguest, whom we decided to name Beaumont.....

Young, handsome, and VERY sweet!, this little guy is all about love, love, love! Within afew hours of being here, he was already reaching out with his two front paws for around the neck, with head butts to the face for affection. He is without a doubt, ridiculously friendly and I'm so glad that he's been able to escape the harsh life of the streets. We don't suspect that he was out there long based upon how gorgeous his coat still is and how uber friendly he is, and we also don't suspect that we'll have him very long once he goes up on the adoption website.

Tonight we are so thankful and feel so blessed to be involved in this work of rescue.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


After afew not so good meet n' greet's - we're delighted to say that Muff met his new Mom last Saturday and will be going home this coming Sunday!!

Muff was a little standoffish at first but by the end of the visit, he was letting his "A" brush him and he melted like butter in a hot pan which caused her to melt as well! *L* I knew right then that it was a match made in heaven and she's looking so forward to taking him home. He'll have an older girl to show him around "Dipsy" is "A"s other kitty, a gorgeous 17 yr old Forest or Himlayan with the most gorgeous eyes and colouring (there may be some competition there about whose prettier *L*).

We will miss him so much, but we're so incredibly grateful that someone saw him for the lovely, sweet boy that he is and didn't allow a number to stand in the way of that. A has promised to send updates complete with photos, so I'll sure we'll all get to see this happily ever after unfolding.

PS: We already have a new guest waiting in the wings - another handsome boy; stay tuned!!