Saturday, November 14, 2015


Yes, Mako is stil with us and no there has yet to be even one adoption enquiry for our Snowman. It just goes to show that sometimes you really can't predict these things because upon arriving with us back in September, if I were a betting person I would have put down the farm on Mako's forever family finding him quickly given his beauty and wonderful disposition.

The upside to his stay here at Safe Haven having been extended is that he's completely settled in now, so much so that the only thing he really hides from at this point is strangers who ring the doorbell..............otherwise, he gets into as much mischief as our own boys, and he feels comfortable enough to try every once in awhile in asserting himself as top cat which as you can imagine, does not go over well. :))

We hope he is adopted before Christmas because he would really be much happier being the only kitty and we would be much happier not being used as human stepping stones in the middle of the night! *L*