Thursday, March 26, 2015


New photo's of the boys, hot off the press. Bumble (black & white) is really coming out of his shell and spends a good amount of time now downstairs with us when we're home. The guestroom is still his safety zone and where he likes to sleep at night, but he's making lots of progress.

Ziggy or "Zigster" as he's affectionately known here, is just as adorable and loving as always. But he's also abit of a troublemaker and for whatever reason, loves to bite the other boys on the back when they aren't ready for it. The only reason we know when he's up to mischief is because one of them will let out a big squeal when he's gotten rambunctious. The minute he's done it though he heads straight under the coffee table to peek out at us sheepishly - he's no dummy.

Two darlings but boy, very different kitties!!!!

Hope you enjoy the new pictures.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


It's been about a month now into our fostering of Bumble & Ziggy. We've had afew hurdles to clear with things like, abit of overgrooming on Bumble's part from stress, Ziggy's stinkerbum attitude toward our boys that is really rough play and no manners on how to interact with other cats, and some diet modifications to help with bathroom function (need I say more?), but this week things have been better on all fronts - thank goodness.

Bumble is painfully shy, he's only just started to venture off the 2nd floor of the house this week and still growls at everyone (including his own brother), if they get too close. It would appear that he's either very crochety or has been horribly mistreated; the only thing that makes us doubt the latter is how outgoing and friendly Ziggy is and they came from the same home. I guess it's always possible that Bumble was the one that got ignored and abused but although I know parents can have favourites where human children are concerned, I'd hate to think that that extends into the animal world as well; especially to this degree.

No matter what's going on, the boys always end up sleeping side by side in their respective pet beds during the night which is just so adorable to see. Ziggy surely loves his big brother, and although he appears to also get on his big brother's nerves at times; I think that that's just what siblings are for. :))

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It's been a busy and mixed emotion past week as we bid goodbye to Fisher and welcomed in our two new fosters, Bumble & Ziggy!

Let's start with Fisher.........

Things are going really well for our sweet boy and his new forever home. His Mom "L" reports that he's been shy but sweet and seems to be coming along nicely in terms of settling in. I smiled this morning when I awoke to an email from her that reported Fisher had decided to pull his cat bed (which went with him when he was adopted), at least partially under her dresser where his safe zone has been the past week. Here's what she had to say:

I just wanted to let you know Fisher is doing well. He continues to come out more and appears to be warming up to me. He has taken a liking to sleeping on my bed, especially when I am not home (...noted by his fur left behind). He truly loves his bed-again thanks for passing this along. I put it in-front of my dresser in a quiet space in my room, & he pulled it under my dresser for more privacy.


Now onto our current houseguests, brothers Bumble & Ziggy.........

Both adorable and incredibly sweet, these two boys are very different personality wise. Bumble is the more serious, reserved and somewhat shy of the two; he enjoys attention but in small increments and is just happy to sit back and watch things unfold versus having to be always in the thick of things.

Ziggy on the other hand is just a ball of play and totally Mr. Personality Plus!! He's so affectionate and loving that every time you show him any kind of attention, he's immediately trying to figure out a way to mold himself either onto your lap or climb up on you and lay across your chest, all the while purring wildly and kneading his paws. He not only wants to snuggle at bedtime, he see's nothing wrong with tucking his head in under your chin and then wrapping his paws practically around your neck! Adorable yes, conducive to a restful night's sleep - NO! Hubby and I were up practically all night last night as he flipped between one and then the other. He's so kitten like for 7 years of age - inquisitive, happy go lucky, full of beans, and so cute.

Both boys have just had their bios and pictures sent to the rescue for posting on the website so we'll see how long it is before someone calls for them. They MUST go together as Ziggy is extremely protective of his older brother, and if he has wandered out of Bumble's line of sight for too long, Bumble starts to become anxious and appears to begin searching for him.