Saturday, July 21, 2012


Posting today wouldn't be complete if I didn't take time to mention our Flossy girl.  She's been so overshadowed by the kittens since they arrived and I think it's fair to say that she's not been happy about it; so without further adieu, here's a little limelight for our gorgeous Baby Girl.

In true diva fashion, she really doesn't enjoy the company of little ones under her feet.....she makes that perfectly evident every time either I or hubby catches her cornering one of them and proceeding to hiss and swat at them.  I think there's apart of her that enjoys their energy level (since she can act quite kitten like herself at times when she gets all geared up), but I think the fact that they can move faster than her AND are competition in the cuteness department, just seals the deal for her and puts her off any ideas that we may have about her befriending them.

She likes being the prettiest, the ones who commands everyone's attention, and that which everyone walks in the door saying "awwwwwww" to - she's not prepared to share her moment with anyone; least of all a couple of little boys that are too young to even appreciate it all!! *L*


As this weekend unfolded I'd be less than honest if I didn't say I'm a little surprised that I haven't had even one call for Abner & Hobbs.  I'm going to chalk it up to their website photos not being the greatest - good shots are a must have when your talking about a rescue that relies on their website to find forever homes.

So I spent pretty much the whole day trying to catch photos of the babies when they weren't flying around like jumping beans!  Anyone whose fostered kittens can tell you that trying to get pictures is near to impossible; especially when you want them.  I'm adamant that cats know when it's photoshoot time and nine times out of ten, they will prove the world's most difficult models - on purpose!  Any other time, without camera in hand, you'll encounter them in countless poses that would make great shots...............these four legged little furballs are noone's fool.

Below are a couple I was lucky enough to get today - what do you think??  Would you adopt these little darlings if you were searching for a feline friend?......................

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Abner and Hobbs are still with us - and growing cuter by the day!  Abner is most certainly the big brother physically - as he's visibly taller and heavier weight wise than his little brother, but when it comes to confidence and tenacity, Hobbs has him beat hands down!

The one really adorable thing about both of them is that they just love to have their bellie's rubbed and the moment you start petting them, both will instantly flop over  and stretch out as long as they can so that you can have total access to their soft, white little tummies to ensure a most thorough loving - it's hilarious to watch and completely adorable in every sense of the word.

Just tonight we decided that when we're home, they will have access to the rest of the house.  We'd really wanted to keep them separate from our boys since the initial signs were that Rocky and Silly (and even Flossy girl) were not at all thrilled with the prospect of sharing their domain with little ones, but so far today it's gone okay and we anticipate that that will only get easier.  That said, we really don't anticipate having them much longer since anyone who comes to meet them would have to be unhuman not to fall completely and helplessly in love, and both hubby and I agree that if we didn't already have boys of our own, we'd be keeping these two - they are just that cute!!  Their adventures into the rest of the house have been really exciting for them today, our finished basement has worked wonderfully for fostering them but they're getting abit bigger and as such, a little more curious and even somewhat lonely I think, being shut down there away from the rest of the family so we decided they needed to have more access. 

In the past I've talked about my love for orange/white cats (or creamsicle kitties) - these two little boys are no exception..................they are so soft, so snuggly, so sweet and so funny that honestly you can't help but want to just kiss and cuddle them constantly.  :))

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


After Flossy's having been with us going on 9 months now, previously I would have been quick to say that I knew pretty much everything there was to know about our snow white princess in terms of her temperment and preferences.  But alas, the arrival of the kittens (and our having tried to match her up with one for a forever home), have taught us something new...............our Baby Girl loves other cats but add the words "that come before her" in the sentence and you'd be bang on.

In other words, we've come to discover that Flossy does great with cats that are already present when she enters the situation (meaning those that are already established within the home), but isn't as easily swayed by cats that come after her.  She obviously doesn't mind the hiearchy ground rules being set when she arrives on scene, and is quite happy to take her place in 2nd or 3rd position in the "pecking" order if necessary, but when another kitty enters after she's arrived - well that's a whole other ballgame and she isn't interested.

It just goes to show that you can have a kitty within your midst for quite some time, and still be without all the facts - especially those of the female persuasion who are a little more particular and a little more sassy.  Of course all of this aides hugely in us being able to help her go to the right forever home; knowledge is power I always say and none moreso than in this case!!