Wednesday, July 4, 2012


After Flossy's having been with us going on 9 months now, previously I would have been quick to say that I knew pretty much everything there was to know about our snow white princess in terms of her temperment and preferences.  But alas, the arrival of the kittens (and our having tried to match her up with one for a forever home), have taught us something new...............our Baby Girl loves other cats but add the words "that come before her" in the sentence and you'd be bang on.

In other words, we've come to discover that Flossy does great with cats that are already present when she enters the situation (meaning those that are already established within the home), but isn't as easily swayed by cats that come after her.  She obviously doesn't mind the hiearchy ground rules being set when she arrives on scene, and is quite happy to take her place in 2nd or 3rd position in the "pecking" order if necessary, but when another kitty enters after she's arrived - well that's a whole other ballgame and she isn't interested.

It just goes to show that you can have a kitty within your midst for quite some time, and still be without all the facts - especially those of the female persuasion who are a little more particular and a little more sassy.  Of course all of this aides hugely in us being able to help her go to the right forever home; knowledge is power I always say and none moreso than in this case!!


  1. Love the photo of Flossy sleeping with Silly, very sweet.

  2. My cat Tilly is exactly the same way. When she was last in the house, she was deferential. Now that she's top cat (2 after her as the others passed), she has no interest in or time for the boys.