Saturday, July 14, 2012


Abner and Hobbs are still with us - and growing cuter by the day!  Abner is most certainly the big brother physically - as he's visibly taller and heavier weight wise than his little brother, but when it comes to confidence and tenacity, Hobbs has him beat hands down!

The one really adorable thing about both of them is that they just love to have their bellie's rubbed and the moment you start petting them, both will instantly flop over  and stretch out as long as they can so that you can have total access to their soft, white little tummies to ensure a most thorough loving - it's hilarious to watch and completely adorable in every sense of the word.

Just tonight we decided that when we're home, they will have access to the rest of the house.  We'd really wanted to keep them separate from our boys since the initial signs were that Rocky and Silly (and even Flossy girl) were not at all thrilled with the prospect of sharing their domain with little ones, but so far today it's gone okay and we anticipate that that will only get easier.  That said, we really don't anticipate having them much longer since anyone who comes to meet them would have to be unhuman not to fall completely and helplessly in love, and both hubby and I agree that if we didn't already have boys of our own, we'd be keeping these two - they are just that cute!!  Their adventures into the rest of the house have been really exciting for them today, our finished basement has worked wonderfully for fostering them but they're getting abit bigger and as such, a little more curious and even somewhat lonely I think, being shut down there away from the rest of the family so we decided they needed to have more access. 

In the past I've talked about my love for orange/white cats (or creamsicle kitties) - these two little boys are no exception..................they are so soft, so snuggly, so sweet and so funny that honestly you can't help but want to just kiss and cuddle them constantly.  :))


  1. i always look forward to your posts! sometimes they make me sad but most times it brings a smile. you and your husband are amazing people and it brightens my day knowing you are there looking out for the cats. i'm typing this with one cat in my lap, the other at my feet. i love them so!
    ps: i often think of farley when i read your post, hoping he doing well.

  2. Hi Grux - well I'm so delighted to hear that you enjoy the blog and thank you for your kind words!! You'll be delighted to know that Farley is doing wonderfully - and is truly the King of His Castle; being doted on by two wonderful sisters that treat him with all the loving kindness and tender care that he deserves. I hear from them quite regularly, and when you talk about amazing people you can absolutely add them to the list.

  3. YUP ... these 2 boys are just so sweet and cute to boot !