Saturday, November 25, 2017


Earlier this week, a plea went out from the rescue to help save some cats housed at the shelter. I never stopped looking, but declawed males don't tend to come with any degree of frequency so I wasn't expecting to see anybody when I opened the newest list on Wednesday morning.

He's between 5-7 years of age, has a mild heart murmur and is FIV+. None of those things were what caught my eye - what did however was the part that read "he's been in the shelter since July and although placed in the adoption room, continues to wait". In a shelter cage every day for the past 4 months?! I may have hesitated for all of the 30 seconds before I replied we'd like to welcome him here. A HUGE thank you to the volunteer driver "K" who drove clear across the city in Friday night traffic to bring him to us (he's a total love bug which is why he was a shelter favorite).

After Dooley left us at the end of September, I didn't honestly know if we would foster again. I decided then that if it was something we were supposed to continue to be involved in, than quite simply the Lord would let me know that and as for timing, I left that to Him as well. If there are any skeptics or non believers among you, you'll likely not take much stock in that last sentence, but as far as I'm concerned - He answered and the loving, adorable, gentle, beautiful response lies in my spare room.