Saturday, January 30, 2016


We had afew very rough days with CeeCee, where she wouldn't eat at all. A couple of days turned off food due to stress, strange environment, vet visits, etc, are to be expected but when it begins to stretch into 4 or 5 days (especially when dealing with kitties of a larger stature like CeeCee), it can become very dangerous with a condition called Fatty Liver Disease setting in.

Soooo force feedings began and a HUGE thank you to my hubby who handles these situations like a pro at this point, and keeps us all (foster kitty and ME!) calm and focused. CeeCee handled the feedings quite well and only became irritated at the very end of each session. We then used an appetite stimulant and wow what a difference one tiny pill can make! - she was digging into her food bowl like there was no tomorrow and has now turned that ugly corner.

She's not loving the boys company but aside from some growling and hissing, there's been no serious run ins and there's enough space here for everyone to co-habitate peacefully. Last night I awoke in the wee hours of the morning to find her cuddled up against hubby in bed.............only wish I'd had my camera ready as it was totally adorable; not sure however how adorable said husband would think it was when he discovered pictures of himself snoring. *L*

I'm sure CeeCee is still grieving the loss of her owner and her home but every days she seems to be acceptings a little more, what is now her new reality.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


This is CeeCee. Brought into a west end vet clinic by her owner's (who passed away only days ago) nephew - to be euthanized because no one in the family wanted to take her in. The nephew would not divulge her name (why bother when you just want her killed?), shared no information pertaining to her personality or medical history, and walked away without so much as a backward glance.

She is ten years old, she is without a family, and she is terrified and terribly sad. We can't change the things that have happened, we can't bring her Mom or Dad back, and we can't take her home. We can and will however, love her, care for her, reassure her as much as possible, and most importantly, defy the horrible act of unkindness that was done to her when she was left to die, alone.

I believe in heaven and I believe in hell. May the person who loved CeeCee be able to know that she has been saved and may the person who dumped her like a bag of garbage know that they will answer for it.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Mocha went to her forever home last night...........

A woman enquired, we met, Mocha wasn't shy, the woman was smitten, and the rest (as they say), is history. Actually, really until about the 9th hour it remained unseen if Mocha would actually make the journey from here since I awoke yesterday morning to find her suffering from abit of diahrea. I made the adopter aware, and decided to see how she was upon my coming back from work last night. When I got in the door, she was waiting patiently by her food dish for her evening snack of wet. We then had a brushing session (where she purred up a storm), and in every other way, seemed completely like herself. I spoke at length with the adopter when she arrived to pick her up and it was mutually decided that we'd let her go home and see how things unfold.

Bottom line is that Mocha was absolutely miserable here living with other cats. If her tummy issues are at all stress related from being in that environment, than I wanted to remove her from it and see if things settled down at all. Should she end up being returned due to any underlying health issues, than at least we'll then know we're dealing with something more serious - but for the moment it was viewed more as nothing ventured, nothing gained, and this was one time when we were prepared to step out of our comfort zone in order to determine where it would take us.

In Mocha's case, this was truly just a stop - a refuge so that she could be saved. She wouldn't have been able to stay here much longer without it affecting her adversley, so prayers said that all goes smoothly and she's now home for good.

We shall see........

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Our little princess (I've taken to calling Mocha) has yet to receive any interest adoption wise. I'm a little surprised as I had genuinely thought there would be calls for her quite quickly, but the bio I provided to the rescue was honest in that I tried to describe her as she really is. The fact that that includes her being strong willed may be off putting to some.

She is settled in now. She loves to come and snuggle with me once I've set myself up upstairs to read or watch abit of t.v. but of course Rocky always seems to pick just then to want to get up on the bed as well, a big hissing fit ensues Mocha takes off before I can even blink it seems!

She's not a big eater and seems to have somewhat of a sensitive stomach so we're considering switching her food to something more gentle to help with that. She also LOVES wet food and thoroughly enjoys her small snacks of it twice a day. :)) Her vocal nature has also calmed down somewhat although she will give a very ear piercing meow in the mornings if I'm not up around the regular time to provide breakfast.

I love brushing her and talking to her - she loves both.