Saturday, January 23, 2016


This is CeeCee. Brought into a west end vet clinic by her owner's (who passed away only days ago) nephew - to be euthanized because no one in the family wanted to take her in. The nephew would not divulge her name (why bother when you just want her killed?), shared no information pertaining to her personality or medical history, and walked away without so much as a backward glance.

She is ten years old, she is without a family, and she is terrified and terribly sad. We can't change the things that have happened, we can't bring her Mom or Dad back, and we can't take her home. We can and will however, love her, care for her, reassure her as much as possible, and most importantly, defy the horrible act of unkindness that was done to her when she was left to die, alone.

I believe in heaven and I believe in hell. May the person who loved CeeCee be able to know that she has been saved and may the person who dumped her like a bag of garbage know that they will answer for it.


  1. LM .. bless you and all that u do to help God's most vulnerable creatures. And yes, what comes around goes around. Remember that karma is a funny girl. One day the classless poor sod who dumped Ceecee will have the same done to one of his own. Looking forward to reading about Ceecee's adventures with you and your family

  2. Poor Ceecee was not meant to die and only good things shall come her way. Divine intervention made sure she was taken to a Vet who would not allow a healthy cat to be put down and instead made sure she was placed in the care of the rescue. She was then fortunate enough to be placed in your care where we all know that you will restore her faith in humanity and give her the best chance at a new life.
    Good luck Ceecee, I'm sure that when people hear your story, someone will step up to be your new Mom or Dad quickly.

    1. This is so tragic and I hope she finds a loving home. But it gets me thinking. My relatives are from out of province and not necessarily in the position to rehome two cats. If the worst ever happened to my husband and I would TCR find homes for them.(they were adopted from TCR) And how could I prearrange this? By the way Maxwell and Tifah are still doing GTREAT!!!