Saturday, January 2, 2016


Our little princess (I've taken to calling Mocha) has yet to receive any interest adoption wise. I'm a little surprised as I had genuinely thought there would be calls for her quite quickly, but the bio I provided to the rescue was honest in that I tried to describe her as she really is. The fact that that includes her being strong willed may be off putting to some.

She is settled in now. She loves to come and snuggle with me once I've set myself up upstairs to read or watch abit of t.v. but of course Rocky always seems to pick just then to want to get up on the bed as well, a big hissing fit ensues Mocha takes off before I can even blink it seems!

She's not a big eater and seems to have somewhat of a sensitive stomach so we're considering switching her food to something more gentle to help with that. She also LOVES wet food and thoroughly enjoys her small snacks of it twice a day. :)) Her vocal nature has also calmed down somewhat although she will give a very ear piercing meow in the mornings if I'm not up around the regular time to provide breakfast.

I love brushing her and talking to her - she loves both.


  1. she is so lovely, elegant and very regal looking. we pay Mocha's best 4-ever home comes soon. happy new year to u all !

  2. What an elegant girl! Of course she must have queenly manners to go with that nobility :) Happy New Year to all of you :)

    the critters in the cottage and their Mama Sophie too xo