Friday, February 28, 2014

LET"S ALL FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barnaby has just left for his new home. I know that I'm supposed to be happy and excited for him that his 2nd chance has come, but there is still apart of me that finds (at least initially), looking at his empty cat bed and seeing his empty sleeping spots, somehow sad.

So the only real remedy I know for combatting those mixed feelings as I refer to them, is to focus on something positive. Like the latest email and pictures I've just received from Prem's (formerly Sable) new Mom which reads:

My parents are over the moon with her too bringing toys when they come to visit and putting up with the countless pictures I text them of her nearly daily. Even my grandmother calls to check up on her! She's become quite a loved member of the family.

Do you have any idea what size of a smile spread across my face when I read that even J's Grandmother is in love with Prem!! This cat has hit the kitty jackpot if ever there was one - I mean c'mon!; you've got the Grandmother loving you from afar - it just doesn't get any better in my opinion!!!!!

But what would a lovely update like that be without a lovely picture (or two), to go with it? Exactly, it wouldn't be complete so without further adieu, here is beautiful, adorable Prem some six weeks post adoption..........

Thanks to J for helping me to remember that the glass is always half full.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Barnaby is going to be adopted tomorrow evening........

You must be wondering to yourself how I could be so certain. It's because a colleague of mine at the office (who I've been friends with for years), after losing her own adorable male Smudge several weeks ago, has decided that she would like to open her heart to another older male; and Barnaby is the lucky recipient!

AM is the type of person you would never hesitate to give a cat to. I think she may actually love cats more than me (did I just say that?), and she has a fantastic home in which to welcome them into. An added bonus is that Barnaby will now have a female feline friend, in AM's remaining kitty, Princess. A gorgeous all black girl who is currently as pretty as ever at the precious age of 12.

Barnaby and I are in the midst of having a little love session in anticipation of his travels tomorrow, so I'll keep this brief. This boy like so many of the others that have passed through Safe Haven, has really grabbed my heart. Maybe moreso this time around because he's one of the oldest I've fostered in quite some time and every time he cuddles up to me or purrs and rolls over on his back for more affection, I think of the fact that someone actually dumped him outside. It's so sad to think of cats at this stage of their lives who have obviously been loved by someone at some point, being discarded like yesterday's trash.

The picture I'm adding here is the latest and really shows what a sweetie he is. This is hubby's lap and he shares the space with our Silly. Daddy's lap is ALWAYS Silly's spot, but this night, our boy the true Ambassador, gave it up for one who we're convinced he knew, needed it a little more than him.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


The potential adopters arrived yesterday afternoon to meet with Barnaby, right on time........

A young brother/sister duo who seemed very nice. Unfortunately, Barnaby had just laid down for his afternoon nap and was perfectly comfortable in his cat bed, so they didn't even get to see his full self or have any real sense of his personality; and their visit was short (they stayed maybe 10 mins). In all, they have visited with three kitties in the foster program from our rescue in the past few days. I arrived home from volunteering today to another email in my Inbox which read: We'd like to adopt Barnaby.

I was quite surprised and after re-evaluating my initial feelings from yesterday, informed the adoption screener and the foster home coordinator that I didn't feel this was the right fit for Barnaby. Although as I said, I saw them as being nice enough, I don't feel that a senior cat is necessairily the right "first cat" for first time pet owners - especially ones so young. I think about everything this poor boy has already been through, his temperment and his needs at this stage of his life, and I just don't see him with someone who has never had a cat before.

As I've always stated emphatically, the moment a new kitty arrives at the Safe Haven, I immediately feel a great sense of responsibility toward them. These poor creatures are defenceless against most of what happens to them in this life, and as a foster parent, I see mine/our role to be one that helps to ensure a better future than has been their past. I know that we can't control everything, but we can control the next chapter of where they are headed in life, in the hopes that those who embrace them into their families, will do so holding good to their promise to love and protect them forever more.

I'm sure that this young lady and her brother will be a good family for some very lucky kitty - just not our Barnaby.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Barnaby has been here a week tomorrow and I woke up this morning to an email in my Inbox that read: Adoption Enquiry for Barnaby.

A big part of me screamed NOOOOOOOO inside!, as I have fallen hopelessly in love with our handsome boy (with his milk moustache), and am not sure I'm ready for someone to come along already. He's a real cuddler this one; wanting to either sleep pressed in beside you, on top of you (your chest or hip seem to be perfect places to perch), and he's becoming more confidant with every day and has started joining on us on the couch in the evenings.

His coat is also looking more beautiful by the day - we have a little brushing session every evening and the results are breathtaking to see unfold.

Here's the latest shot - hopefully all our hard work (and Barnaby's seemingly neverending patience) are visible......

We'll see what tomorrow brings since his Meet n' Greet is scheduled for early afternoon.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Caramel's new family sent this lovely picture yesterday of her with her new bud Panda who they adopted a week before Caramel from a Petsmart outside Toronto where we also house some of our rescued kitties when the foster homes are full.

Here was the opening they included:
We promised some pictures of our new cat family They are now good friends and we are loving every minute of their new antics and personalities.

I LOVE these types of emails! To know that several weeks ago Caramel was abandoned in an empty apartment and now here she is, once again happy and loved and well taken care of. I wish this for every kitty out there.........

Monday, February 17, 2014


Barnaby is settling in so well! Only two days after arriving, he's been introduced to the boys and has done amazingly ............very calm and laid back; more interested in resting and being loved than getting into any confrontations.

I've discovered that he does actually loved to be brushed. I brought out the magical little instrument and much to my surprise (and delight), he climbed right into my lap as if to say: "Well, go ahead I love to be groomed". It was so endearing and obviously at some point in his life he had someone that cared enough about him to do this in a very non-threatening and gentle manner. His coat will need afew sessions to bring it back to it's full beauty - not sure if the current state of it is due to his having been dumped outside, his previous living conditions, or if it's been all the stress he's gone through as of late that led to disregarding it himself. Regardless, we'll have it gleaming in no time - he has such gorgeous markings and it's a beautiful length - abit of TLC and it'll be stunning once again.

He has had some mouth extractions and currently has a sore paw pad since the vet clipped off abit of callous that was forming and in the process, it's hurting him. He's missing both upper canines so it's taking abit of getting used to it would appear in chewing once again and having his remaining teeth sit properly without the others there. It isn't affecting his eating persay, more just a case of him acting sometimes like there's something caught in there (there isn't - I've checked numerous times). These things just make us feel more protective and loving towards him...........the nursing care here is our speciality, so hopefully he's feeling fit as a fiddle in no time.

Otherwise, he's been as good as gold. I woke up in the night to find him on Rocky's pillow above my head (sans Rocky of course), who got up shortly thereafter and was not impressed to find this new guy in his spot. Than later he settled farther down the bed and this morning, decided to wake me by sitting on my chest. He's so gentle and mild mannered - we're hopeful that someone will seem him for the sweet, sweet fella he is and offer him a much deserved 2nd chance.

A trusting little soul that despite being treated so horribly, hasn't given up on us humans.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

CHECKING IN............

We finally have a new houseguest at Safe Haven - he just arrived about an hour ago and I'm ashamed to admit that I'm already in love!

Barnaby is a gorgeous medium haired, black & white senior gentleman (he's 8 years old), who was found in a box outside in mid December. May the person/s who put him there have deep shame - who does such a thing in the dead of winter and ESPECIALLY to an older cat?!

It never ceases to amaze me how one can be treated so cruelly and yet still maintain their sense of forgiveness. Barnaby has been a little dream already, friendly and affectionate; he's eaten Temptations treats right out of my hand and is now sunning himself in his new pet bed (which he loves). I even pulled out the infamous brush, (more to see his reaction than anything), and wouldn't you know that he became quite interested and even rolled over on his side so I could do his belly. If that isn't a forgiving animal than I don't know what one is.

A beautiful cat inside and out. We'll give him a night or two to settle in and then let him meet the boys. Again, my heart is filled with gratitude that the way has been paved for us to help him. Earlier this week, I was feeling a little discouraged as our home had been broken into for the 2nd time in 3 years; now I'm once again refocused on what's most important.............ensuring this darling boy gets his 2nd chance.

I'll write again in a little while to let everyone know how we're doing.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


I think this is a record in the "settling in" department!! Caramel hasn't even been in her forever home 24 hours and yet judging by the photo sent from her new family, and the email they attached, I'd say things are going swimmingly and she's not going to look back!

It's so nice to know - especially given how horribly she was treated by her last family.

Overly stressed not in the least....She is dominating the top floor of the house.... She has met Panda ... Panda seems willing to talk caramel is taking her time. We will eventually move food and litter to the downstairs so she has to come down... which she will love the back windown where I feed the squirells and birds but in her own time....She is eating and drinking and got on our bed this morning to wake us... So another successful choice we believe. and she is a charmer Forwarding a picture of a relaxed lady

Saturday, February 1, 2014


This past week alone, there were three separate adoption calls for Caramel - she surely was a popular girl.

In the end, it was a lovely couple from Mississauga who came out to meet her this morning and offered our beautiful girl her forever home. They also adopted another kitty from one of our Petsmart locations last weekend, so Caramel will now have a friend/brother in Panda.

There is no doubt in my mind that Caramel will be very well looked after and loved. Again, it makes us so grateful that we continue to meet some of the lovliest people who offer these much deserving kitties, their 2nd chances. Rescue work couldn't be done without them and they ultimately offer what is most important - love and happiness.

Caramel's adoption once again paves the way for us to help another - as always, we look forward to welcoming our next guest.