Friday, February 28, 2014

LET"S ALL FEEL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barnaby has just left for his new home. I know that I'm supposed to be happy and excited for him that his 2nd chance has come, but there is still apart of me that finds (at least initially), looking at his empty cat bed and seeing his empty sleeping spots, somehow sad.

So the only real remedy I know for combatting those mixed feelings as I refer to them, is to focus on something positive. Like the latest email and pictures I've just received from Prem's (formerly Sable) new Mom which reads:

My parents are over the moon with her too bringing toys when they come to visit and putting up with the countless pictures I text them of her nearly daily. Even my grandmother calls to check up on her! She's become quite a loved member of the family.

Do you have any idea what size of a smile spread across my face when I read that even J's Grandmother is in love with Prem!! This cat has hit the kitty jackpot if ever there was one - I mean c'mon!; you've got the Grandmother loving you from afar - it just doesn't get any better in my opinion!!!!!

But what would a lovely update like that be without a lovely picture (or two), to go with it? Exactly, it wouldn't be complete so without further adieu, here is beautiful, adorable Prem some six weeks post adoption..........

Thanks to J for helping me to remember that the glass is always half full.


  1. LM-how heartwarming and just beautiful !! Prem really hit kitty heaven here on earth !
    she looks so relaxed ! Let us know when you hear from Barnaby's new mom, we are anxious to hear how he is settling into his new digs and getting on with Princess.

  2. Prem is so loved! How happy that must make you :)
    Great news about Barnaby being adopted by your friend. It's also so nice that you will be able to get updates on him from time to time!

    the critters in the cottage xo