Sunday, February 23, 2014


The potential adopters arrived yesterday afternoon to meet with Barnaby, right on time........

A young brother/sister duo who seemed very nice. Unfortunately, Barnaby had just laid down for his afternoon nap and was perfectly comfortable in his cat bed, so they didn't even get to see his full self or have any real sense of his personality; and their visit was short (they stayed maybe 10 mins). In all, they have visited with three kitties in the foster program from our rescue in the past few days. I arrived home from volunteering today to another email in my Inbox which read: We'd like to adopt Barnaby.

I was quite surprised and after re-evaluating my initial feelings from yesterday, informed the adoption screener and the foster home coordinator that I didn't feel this was the right fit for Barnaby. Although as I said, I saw them as being nice enough, I don't feel that a senior cat is necessairily the right "first cat" for first time pet owners - especially ones so young. I think about everything this poor boy has already been through, his temperment and his needs at this stage of his life, and I just don't see him with someone who has never had a cat before.

As I've always stated emphatically, the moment a new kitty arrives at the Safe Haven, I immediately feel a great sense of responsibility toward them. These poor creatures are defenceless against most of what happens to them in this life, and as a foster parent, I see mine/our role to be one that helps to ensure a better future than has been their past. I know that we can't control everything, but we can control the next chapter of where they are headed in life, in the hopes that those who embrace them into their families, will do so holding good to their promise to love and protect them forever more.

I'm sure that this young lady and her brother will be a good family for some very lucky kitty - just not our Barnaby.


  1. good call LM ... you have to go with your gut feeling ... a kitten perhaps, or two, for two young energetic people. For now Barnaby belongs with you !!

  2. It sounds like the absolutely right decision! You have to go with your gut feeling and in all honesty, I would hesitate to give any animal to very young people since their lives are so transitional.Barnaby needs a home with a family that has deep roots somewhere I would think.

    The critters in the cottage and their Mama too xo

  3. I often find that when people fill out an application, if they are truly animal lovers they will take suggestions about a "better" fit for them. I have only had a couple people tell me they want THAT cat and I have turned them down.