Thursday, February 27, 2014


Barnaby is going to be adopted tomorrow evening........

You must be wondering to yourself how I could be so certain. It's because a colleague of mine at the office (who I've been friends with for years), after losing her own adorable male Smudge several weeks ago, has decided that she would like to open her heart to another older male; and Barnaby is the lucky recipient!

AM is the type of person you would never hesitate to give a cat to. I think she may actually love cats more than me (did I just say that?), and she has a fantastic home in which to welcome them into. An added bonus is that Barnaby will now have a female feline friend, in AM's remaining kitty, Princess. A gorgeous all black girl who is currently as pretty as ever at the precious age of 12.

Barnaby and I are in the midst of having a little love session in anticipation of his travels tomorrow, so I'll keep this brief. This boy like so many of the others that have passed through Safe Haven, has really grabbed my heart. Maybe moreso this time around because he's one of the oldest I've fostered in quite some time and every time he cuddles up to me or purrs and rolls over on his back for more affection, I think of the fact that someone actually dumped him outside. It's so sad to think of cats at this stage of their lives who have obviously been loved by someone at some point, being discarded like yesterday's trash.

The picture I'm adding here is the latest and really shows what a sweetie he is. This is hubby's lap and he shares the space with our Silly. Daddy's lap is ALWAYS Silly's spot, but this night, our boy the true Ambassador, gave it up for one who we're convinced he knew, needed it a little more than him.


  1. this has made my day ... great picture of the guys, too !!! congrats to all !