Sunday, February 2, 2014


I think this is a record in the "settling in" department!! Caramel hasn't even been in her forever home 24 hours and yet judging by the photo sent from her new family, and the email they attached, I'd say things are going swimmingly and she's not going to look back!

It's so nice to know - especially given how horribly she was treated by her last family.

Overly stressed not in the least....She is dominating the top floor of the house.... She has met Panda ... Panda seems willing to talk caramel is taking her time. We will eventually move food and litter to the downstairs so she has to come down... which she will love the back windown where I feed the squirells and birds but in her own time....She is eating and drinking and got on our bed this morning to wake us... So another successful choice we believe. and she is a charmer Forwarding a picture of a relaxed lady

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