Saturday, July 30, 2011


I mentioned in my last post that we were going to make attempts to scoop up "Red", a very handsome orange tabby who is a stray in our neighbourhood so that we could have him neutered and vaccinated and work towards finding him a home. I'm thrilled to report that last Sunday, hubby and I were up at 6:00am (which is right about the time Red appears on his morning stroll), and after about a 30 minute wait, Red showed and the process began. We were somewhat anxious initially as we waited for him since we'd already made the appointment at the clinic to have him there for 8:15am that morning; a little advantageous of us I know, considering that we had no guarantees this boy would show up in time for us to make that cutoff time. It was abit nailbiting at first, waiting, but thankfully prayers and finger crossing worked, and there he was.

He happily trotted along after us as we coaxed him to our side of the street, and almost instantly stepped into the carrier as he followed the trail of treats. It was so easy, it was almost unbelievable - the really tense time came as we waited for the 1 hour to tick by before we could take him in.........he was NOT pleased about being in that carrier and there were moments when I thought for sure he was going to break out of it!

True to creamsicle kitty form, his little voice was hoarse from meowing so loudly but we made it to clinic without any major problems and picked him up 8 hours later. He handled the surgery superbly and except for a very sore looking nose which he rubbed raw on the bars of the carrier, he was great and it was all over.

The pictures enclosed within this post are all taken AFTER he's home and back out in the neighbourhood; sadly I don't have room at my house to foster him right now and so we had to let him back out after a night of resting in our finished basement. Thankfully as the shots attest to, Red hasn't held a grudge at all - true to his amazing character, he's as loving and friendly as before and there's no hard feelings.

Now the job begins of finding him a home or a foster space. Word has begun to spread about this little boy's plight and I hope that anyone reading here will also pass along his picture and story. This is an AMAZING cat, both in temperment and fortitude - he has survived thus far against all the odds, and at approx 2 years of age, he has alot of life ahead of him that we want to do our utmost to ensure he gets to enjoy.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


We're more than halfway through the Summer now and it's been eventful if nothing else (although how can we not love the gorgeous weather when so soon we'll find ourselves moaning about the rain, wind, snow and freezing temps!)

Everyone at our house is doing great albeit with abit of craziness for good measure. Calvin and Clarence are doing wonderfully, both purr at the drop of a hat now and currently, at just over 3 months, are both at the stage where they are "all legs" with little bodies! (you've got to love the growth spurt in little ones). When we're home they now have full roam of the house or should I say "full toy" of the house, since it seems as though anything and everything is a toy - something to be chewed, scratched, pounced on or licked.........there's been so many things we've had to put away so that they don't become utterly destroyed. Distressing at times yes, but overall we're reminded that these are just "things" and that when you look into their precious adorable faces and see how happy they are, and what could have been their future had we not brought them get a quick reality check on what's really most important.

They love Farley and thoroughly enjoy using his tail as a swatting wand.....Farley has been very good about it, and has started to engage both boys in play which is hilarious to watch, kind of like Godzilla Meets Bambi! There are moments however when all three of the Big Boys have to take time outs from the kiddlings (as we affectionately refer to C&C), but aside from Rocky being completely disgusted by the whole situation, we're doing okay.

We've also been able to trap and spay (as well as vaccinate) Calvin & Clarence's Mommy who we've named "Cleopatra" - she too seems so much happier now that the the neighbourhood studs are not constantly fighting over her and stalking her at every turn for a little action. Speaking of our neighbourhood romeos, we have a beautiful orange tabby whom we've called "Red" that is SUPER friendly and we're hoping to get into clinic tomorrow for a neuter. He is just gorgeous, young and incredibly friendly, so we're really hopeful that we can find him a home once he's ready.
We didn't start out this Summer thinking TNR work, but it just goes to show that you just never know what's around the next corner in life. A thank you to Karen, Robin, Heather & Sara for the immense amount of invaluable information and support they've been to assist Steve and I in (and our neighbours) down this new road of feral kitties.

Okay enough chatter - here's the latest pictures for you're viewing pleasure; Happy Weekend to everyone!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Who says that big boys don't enjoy the same thing as their slimmer counterparts? Proof is in the pudding I say, and here's a perfect example: Farley enjoying a standard sized kitty bed - all 20+ pounds of him!

Yes, this gorgeous boy is still waiting for his forever home - it's been over 4 months now and 2 months since anyone was even here to see him. We can only conclude that it's potential adopters hearing about his size when enquiring that seems to be putting them off. I so wish it wouldn't, he is such an incredible boy inside and out and people are really missing out just by excluding him because he's abit bigger than most other kitties.

It reminds me of people - those that ridicule, make fun of, or even ignore those that are overweight. It's just downright mean and so shallow - to express that toward an animal is even worse in my opinion, it's not as if he reaches up and opens the cupboard door himself, that got him to where he is currently on the scales - to say he had alot of help would be putting it mildly!!

Well as you can see, he's loving his time at Safe Haven and until that right person/s comes along who can love ALL of him without reservation or prejudice, he's more than welcome to continue to be our guest.