Saturday, April 16, 2011


We're still enjoying Farley's company as a our current houseguest. There has been so much interest in him adoption wise but so far noone that enquired has been the right fit.

I can't remember the last time I've had 7-8 enquiries on a foster and yet still have them with us - I guess that's a gentle reminder that just because someone is enquiring doesn't mean that it's going to work out. Fostering is about patience for many things (not something I've been known to have an abundance of), not the least of which is the right forever home.

So while we stay positive and enjoy our days together, I thought I would share a new pic of our gorgeous boy that I snapped just yesterday. He was in "take off" mode as we like to refer to it - it's as if they're about to fly away when they stretch out like this........enjoy!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Now isn't that just one of the most adorable pictures you've ever laid eyes on? There's no denying that kittens are one of the sweetest, most precious things ever to be put on this earth. Spring represents a beautiful time of year when everything starts to come alive again after a long and hard winter. The buds of flowers begin to peep up out of the ground, tree's seem to come to life almost overnight, the ground is visible once more and the grass isn't far behind.

For those of us in rescue, this time of year also signifies the beginning of kitten season. Most rescues will work all year long to build up their monetary fund so that they can have enough on reserve to begin saving the countless unspayed females and their little babies that will start to overtake the shelters. In many ways it's very much like some sort of switch is flipped - one minute there's no kittens, than next you know, there's so many you can hardly keep count.
They are surrendered, they are dumped, they are found - each little one so vulnerable, so tiny, so innocent - a brand new life totally unaware of how much effort is being put forth to ensure it's safety and future.

In our time of fostering, we've had kittens only two or three times - but even that small amount of exposure is enough for me to be able to tell you that fostering kittens is MAJOR work. Those that jump into the trenches at this time of year and willingly step up to help and save these little souls; are complete hero's in my opinion. You take on the long hours day and night, you take on the force feeds and the medicines, you take on the worry and the stress, you do what needs to be done - no questions, and no hesitations.

So as the majority of us begin to relish in the nicer weather and dream of backyard bbq's and gardening - another season of hunkering down to save countless kittens will be well underway, may those on the frontlines working so tirelessly to rescue and save, have all that will be needed to answer that call.