Saturday, November 29, 2014


Clemson has been with us two weeks today. He's been an absolute dream of a guest; the kind that actual hotels mean it when they say at the end of one's stay, "Please come again". In our case of course, we don't want repeat arrivals but just the same, he's instant friend material.

He likes everybody and everything. He's as easygoing as easygoing gets, and on top of that incredibly lovable. I think the only thing that might be driving hubby abit nuts with him is his chattiness. You even so much as touch Clemson and he begins talking, and the more you pet him the more he talks. When he's hungry and waiting for mealtime, the talking can get quite loud..........I personally think it just add's character (and it's very typical of Maine Coon's), but there are some in the house who would like him to tone it down.

I've submitted his pictures and bio to the rescue's website. His age and his large stature (21 pounds), may play a role in having his adoption take some time but that's totally fine by me because he's absolutely no trouble and so lovely. I took some new shots of him, he's a great model for the camera as well.

Did I mention yet how much I love this boy?

PS: Pica is settling in really well in her new home.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Clemson's guest room quarantine was up as of this past Saturday, and if you ask him, it wasn't a moment too soon!

Since being "released" and just as we suspected, he's been a total and utter darling. Not a hiss, not a growl, no hiding, no fear, no anxiety. Just a big stretch, and then onwards to investigate and explore. He's extremely curious and has met both the boys happily and quite matter a factly. He even got the chance to meet Pica before she went home Sunday, and although she couldn't quite believe her eyes; by Saturday night I think she realized how completely harmless Clemson was and wasn't raising nearly as much fuss as we expected with his presence.

His appearance would daunt anyone - animal or human (at least at first glance), but you quickly realize that this big boy is nothing but a total sweetiepie. He himself doesn't realize just how big he is we don't think, since he tries to get into and on top of everything that kitties half his size can easily in point, below (that's my jewellery box he's laying on top of!!!).

Sunday, November 16, 2014


We've decided to call this boy, Clemson. We have confirmed as well that he is a Silver Maine Coon who like his fellow brothers of the same breed, can and do weigh anywhere between 9-12 kg; our boy is currently @ 9.56kg which is approximately 21 Ibs! He is not fat or appearing "sloppy" in any sense of the word; his breed are noted for being BIG kids, and he has both the body type and gigantic paws that are indicative of that. His coat is a mix of dark and light silver (absolutely gorgeous), and his tail (one that is meant for keeping them warm in winters outside), is raccoon like in appearance - also very Maine Coon.

Also his behaviour is also typical of MC's - he is EXTREMELY chatty! - infact I think he talks more than I do and that's saying something!!! He's been good as gold since arriving. Abit impatient with being confined to his guest room at the present time, he requires us to visit him often in order to let him know that he hasn't been forgotten.

His size is abit daunting at first. When he comes right up to you for head butts of affection, if your laying down he does make you think to yourself that if his disposition were different and he were unpredictable behavior wise; there is alot of power there and he could really do some damage. Luckily this boy is nothing but a total gentle, sweet, loving sucky boy.............let's hope that come next Sunday when he meets the boys - they too recognize that and don't try to challenge him. The latter happening would be like Clay Aitken going up against Reuben Stoddard! *L*

PS: Our little Antoinetta was adopted today so both babies have found their forever homes.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


This morning we were up early to get the babies ready for their big day - adopt-a-thon time! As I type this, I've just learned that our little boy Antonio, was just adopted!! Such bittersweet news as we are so thrilled that he found his forever home, but somewhat sad that he's not been adopted with his sister or that we'll ever see him again. It doesn't take long for these kids to worm their way into your heart, and for us, being protective also happens pretty quickly so it's hard to let go in some ways.

Antoinetta is still waiting, but the day is early and the adopt-a-thon goes until tomorrow night so we're hopeful that she too will find her forever family.........

After hubby left to take them to the event, I spent time cleaning/disinfecting the guest room because he came back with our next foster. At 8 years of age, his family dumped him at the shelter due to allergies. This is by far the largest cat we have ever seen............definitely Maine Coon, his paws and stature are HUGE but what a complete and utter baby. So sweet, docile and friendly - it's heartbreaking to know that his family left him. His former name was Stitch (I can barely say it without cringing) but we're already in search of something more fitting for such an incredible looking guy.

Monday, November 10, 2014


The meet n' greet with Pica's potential adopters went ahead on Saturday as planned and she was adopted!! I was really, really surprised at how well she received "J" who came to meet her. There was no hiding, no swatting or hissing and she even allowed J to pet her AND engage her in some play with her favourite toy. She wasn't hugely affectionate, but all of this coming from a little girl who has had major trust issues, it was so pleasing to see.

Pica's will remain with us until November 23rd as her new family will be away until that time. I see that as a total bonus since it means that we get to love her for a couple of more weeks before it's time to bid goodbye. I feel anxious about her going, wanting so desperately for things to go well for her in her new home but I know that a period of adjustment is to be expected and I can only hope and pray that the absence of other pets will help her to settle in that much faster.

Like everything, time will be a great instrument here.

Friday, November 7, 2014


The potential adopter for the kittens didn't work out. A very nice guy he was, but he'd never had a cat before and we both agreed (after he met A&A) that these two would not be a good fit for him given little girl's still present semi feral ways. He said that as a result of our conversation, he had lots to think about in terms of the right kitty/kitties for him.

The potential adopter for Pica is coming for a meet n' greet tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. I spoke with the wife of the couple briefly on the phone Wednesday evening, and it sounds like a perfect home for our girl. They have two adult children who are in University, no other pets, and a very quiet, tranquil home. The woman didn't balk at all when I mentioned that Pica will likely be nervous and shy upon her arriving...........hopefully her attitude toward it holds true once she arrives, and that her and her husband can see Pica for the lovely girl that she is.

In worrying over how she will behave tomorrow and wondering how it will go; it is almost as if she suspects or knows something is up because she got down from her sleeping spot, and decided to hop up on the coffee table with me (the shot above). As a rule, she wouldn't do that, preferring to keep her feet on the floor and being a little more on high alert.

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow's meeting - if nothing else, it would be good practice for Pica to get used to visitors.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Yesterday I received word that there was an adoption call for A&A (our emergency fosters), and earlier to day I learned that there was a couple interested in adopting our Pica.

We'll meet the interested adopter for the kittens tomorrow evening. They still have afew days of meds to take so they can't go "home" until that's complete, that's only to try and safeguard against the stress of the move causing any kind of a reoccurrence virus wise (which can and does happen). Both of them were so sick at one point that we don't want to take any chances.

The couple interested in Pica haven't actually reached out to us to schedule a meet n' greet but we're hopeful that we'll hear from them shortly. Although Pica has done amazingly well co-habitating with our boys, hubby and I both agree that we think her level of stress would subside even further if she were the only kitty where she could have full run of the house without having to worry about other felines. There is absolutely no love loss between her and Rocky so I know both of them will be so glad when the roommate situation is over.

Let's see what the next few days's hoping the right forever homes have finally found our kids!

Saturday, November 1, 2014


It might be cold, wet, rainy, and snowy outside (did I really just type the dreaded "S" word to describe outside?), but we've never been so glad to see this weekend come around because it means time has passed which also means that thankfully, A&A our kitten emergency fosters are doing much, much better!

Both are now eating up a storm..........actually I'd forgotten how much kittens consume food wise!!, playing, and look physically like the healthy little munchkins that they are. Both still have a slight bit of congestion left but afew more days of antiobiotics and that nasty virus should all be a distant memory.

The plan is to keep them here until either someone calls enquiring about adoption OR the next 3 day weekend adopt-a-thon which is taking place November 12th - 14th. We'd REALLY like to see them adopted together and there is a better chance of that if they stay here two more weeks; than there will be at the adopt-a-thon. As long as both go to a home with another playful kitten, all should be just fine. In Baby Girl A's case, she really needs another playful AND social kitten or young cat to continue to help her with her trust of humans. That work has come a long way and she's far more approachable, and you can pick her up easily now, but she still does have her little bit of feral self there and so she'll need another kitty friend that she can continue to watch and observe and ultimately learn from.

Babies are alot of work but oh so worth it!!