Friday, November 7, 2014


The potential adopter for the kittens didn't work out. A very nice guy he was, but he'd never had a cat before and we both agreed (after he met A&A) that these two would not be a good fit for him given little girl's still present semi feral ways. He said that as a result of our conversation, he had lots to think about in terms of the right kitty/kitties for him.

The potential adopter for Pica is coming for a meet n' greet tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. I spoke with the wife of the couple briefly on the phone Wednesday evening, and it sounds like a perfect home for our girl. They have two adult children who are in University, no other pets, and a very quiet, tranquil home. The woman didn't balk at all when I mentioned that Pica will likely be nervous and shy upon her arriving...........hopefully her attitude toward it holds true once she arrives, and that her and her husband can see Pica for the lovely girl that she is.

In worrying over how she will behave tomorrow and wondering how it will go; it is almost as if she suspects or knows something is up because she got down from her sleeping spot, and decided to hop up on the coffee table with me (the shot above). As a rule, she wouldn't do that, preferring to keep her feet on the floor and being a little more on high alert.

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow's meeting - if nothing else, it would be good practice for Pica to get used to visitors.

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  1. how did it go with Pica ??? we are anxious to know if she is still with you ... or in her new fab forever home !