Saturday, November 15, 2014


This morning we were up early to get the babies ready for their big day - adopt-a-thon time! As I type this, I've just learned that our little boy Antonio, was just adopted!! Such bittersweet news as we are so thrilled that he found his forever home, but somewhat sad that he's not been adopted with his sister or that we'll ever see him again. It doesn't take long for these kids to worm their way into your heart, and for us, being protective also happens pretty quickly so it's hard to let go in some ways.

Antoinetta is still waiting, but the day is early and the adopt-a-thon goes until tomorrow night so we're hopeful that she too will find her forever family.........

After hubby left to take them to the event, I spent time cleaning/disinfecting the guest room because he came back with our next foster. At 8 years of age, his family dumped him at the shelter due to allergies. This is by far the largest cat we have ever seen............definitely Maine Coon, his paws and stature are HUGE but what a complete and utter baby. So sweet, docile and friendly - it's heartbreaking to know that his family left him. His former name was Stitch (I can barely say it without cringing) but we're already in search of something more fitting for such an incredible looking guy.


  1. what a gorgeous boy !! any ideas on a suitable name yet ? congrats to the other fur baby on his fab forever home ... keeping our paws (and fingers !) crossed in hopes that his sister soon has a great forever home too.

  2. YAY for adoptathons
    YAY for adoptions! congratulations to the new kitty owners!