Saturday, November 1, 2014


It might be cold, wet, rainy, and snowy outside (did I really just type the dreaded "S" word to describe outside?), but we've never been so glad to see this weekend come around because it means time has passed which also means that thankfully, A&A our kitten emergency fosters are doing much, much better!

Both are now eating up a storm..........actually I'd forgotten how much kittens consume food wise!!, playing, and look physically like the healthy little munchkins that they are. Both still have a slight bit of congestion left but afew more days of antiobiotics and that nasty virus should all be a distant memory.

The plan is to keep them here until either someone calls enquiring about adoption OR the next 3 day weekend adopt-a-thon which is taking place November 12th - 14th. We'd REALLY like to see them adopted together and there is a better chance of that if they stay here two more weeks; than there will be at the adopt-a-thon. As long as both go to a home with another playful kitten, all should be just fine. In Baby Girl A's case, she really needs another playful AND social kitten or young cat to continue to help her with her trust of humans. That work has come a long way and she's far more approachable, and you can pick her up easily now, but she still does have her little bit of feral self there and so she'll need another kitty friend that she can continue to watch and observe and ultimately learn from.

Babies are alot of work but oh so worth it!!


  1. the babies look so much healthier !!! know what you mean about kittens ... we have one now, super sweet but oh, the energy !!!

  2. I once had a set of three that needed to go together, and just the right household came along for them like it was totally meant to be. i hope just such a person comes along for these two