Monday, November 10, 2014


The meet n' greet with Pica's potential adopters went ahead on Saturday as planned and she was adopted!! I was really, really surprised at how well she received "J" who came to meet her. There was no hiding, no swatting or hissing and she even allowed J to pet her AND engage her in some play with her favourite toy. She wasn't hugely affectionate, but all of this coming from a little girl who has had major trust issues, it was so pleasing to see.

Pica's will remain with us until November 23rd as her new family will be away until that time. I see that as a total bonus since it means that we get to love her for a couple of more weeks before it's time to bid goodbye. I feel anxious about her going, wanting so desperately for things to go well for her in her new home but I know that a period of adjustment is to be expected and I can only hope and pray that the absence of other pets will help her to settle in that much faster.

Like everything, time will be a great instrument here.


  1. congratulations to Pica ... do you still have the other 2 babies with you ?

  2. oh this makes me happy!! the few times I have held on to a cat past the "I want him" commitment have been awesome adoptions..

  3. Lisa Marie, you are so wonderful to take in all the kitties and cats. I love reading the happy ending stories. You are an amazing person.

    Linda K Templar, Wicca and Holly's Mom. :) and Ann Marie's friend