Saturday, November 29, 2014


Clemson has been with us two weeks today. He's been an absolute dream of a guest; the kind that actual hotels mean it when they say at the end of one's stay, "Please come again". In our case of course, we don't want repeat arrivals but just the same, he's instant friend material.

He likes everybody and everything. He's as easygoing as easygoing gets, and on top of that incredibly lovable. I think the only thing that might be driving hubby abit nuts with him is his chattiness. You even so much as touch Clemson and he begins talking, and the more you pet him the more he talks. When he's hungry and waiting for mealtime, the talking can get quite loud..........I personally think it just add's character (and it's very typical of Maine Coon's), but there are some in the house who would like him to tone it down.

I've submitted his pictures and bio to the rescue's website. His age and his large stature (21 pounds), may play a role in having his adoption take some time but that's totally fine by me because he's absolutely no trouble and so lovely. I took some new shots of him, he's a great model for the camera as well.

Did I mention yet how much I love this boy?

PS: Pica is settling in really well in her new home.

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  1. LM- Great news all around !!! Clemson is just gorgeous and so handsome !!! we pray his great new forever home is soon in coming.