Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I'm not sure if I've mentioned on here previously about my other bit of volunteering with the rescue outside of fostering. It involves me spending Sunday afternoons at one of our local Petsmarts, taking care of the rescue kitties that reside there (when there are no more foster homes available). Currently there are 11 kitties in house, 3 adults and the rest are kittens ranging in age.

The centre has had a nasty URI come through despite our best and relentless efforts to keep it at bay. As a result, last weekend saw most of the cats/kittens affected - some more severely than others. The adults can fight it alot better than the babies can, and by Sunday night after I had put the kids to bed at the close of my shift, I had become increasingly worried about "Antonio", a twelve week old black/white kitten found in a feral colony with his sister "Antoinette".

By yesterday, they were both quite sick and long story short, in order to give them the best fighting chance to recover from it, I found myself offering up my spare room for them to convalesce in. And so here we the full throes of force feeds, drool wiping, eye mucus wiping, and medicine administering.

Antoinette is the tougher, more feral of the two and just two weekends ago drew blood (on both hands) from another volunteer at the store who was trying to help me put her to bed. As a rule she is hissy, feisty, dodgy, and very vicious with those razor like baby teeth, kitten! But right now, she feels awful, and is barely fighting (which is kind of sad to see).

Just so we're clear, this is NOT a long term foster. This is only an emergency house to get them well, back to being plump little kids, and once they are tearing around the spare room, creating complete havoc - back to the store they will go for adoption.

But for right now, they are melting hubby's heart and keeping me on my toes trying to care for them and keep the "adults" here happy.


  1. listen LM-with your loving TLC, these little guys will be well soon ... good luck !

  2. I hope Antoinette will get better soon - seeing one so young not fighting is indeed distressing.

    Bless you for caring for all these precious kitties!

    For those reading this, check out my cat blog for archived stories about the abandoned/feral cat colony I manage and some informative posts for cat