Saturday, October 18, 2014


Pica is still with us. We're somewhat surprised, given that she's so pretty, so well behaved, and declawed. Likely it's because her profile on the rescue's website indicates that she has to be adopted by someone whose an experienced cat owner and it clearly indicates that she will likely be shy and reserved initially upon moving to her forever home.

Sometimes you wonder about how much honesty you should share on the profiles. We're firm believers in being totally honest with potential adopters about any behavior or emotional issues because to be anything else will only result in the cat being returned or abandoned when they discover it for themselves if they aren't onside with dealing with it. But being honest about those sorts of things where your foster is concerned is much better left to the in person meeting or the initial phone conversation because that way you have a proper chance to explain and answer questions; rather than a person reading something and dismissing the cat because of the way it's worded or the way it comes across is perceived as negative.

In Pica's case, although the profile may deter some people who think she will be "too much work", that is perfectly fine. She has obviously been horribly mis-treated in the past and as a result, she comes with a set of fears that for her are very real. She's made incredible strides in overcoming alot of them with us, but we're also mindful of the fact that they may become stronger when she's moved again and/or she may never fully let all of them go. Either way, anyone wishing to adopt her has to understand fully what her boundaries will be BEFORE they contemplate taking her home. The profile in this instance helps us weed out anyone not up to the task....

Yes fostering can and is abit of psychology playing as well. You as a foster parent are the last stop of protection - in our opinion you have to take that seriously.

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  1. LM-honesty is CERTAINLY the best policy where a kitty is concerned, esp. one that comes with psychological baggage from being mistreated. the late great Flossie was with you for quite a long time until the right person stepped forward to offer her the ideal environment in which she continued to grow and florish. as you said previously, enjoy her while you can, the right time will come ...