Friday, June 29, 2012


With all the recent activity that the kittens have brought to our home, including taking up a huge chunk of our time in caring for them, it can be easy to have your own kitties take a back seat for a time.  It's certainly not intentional and it's the part of fostering that can sometimes have me feeling guilty and to care for, pay attention to, and love, those that come to Safe Haven for the refuge, while at the same time ensuring that Safe Haven's permanent residents (Rocky & Silly), don't feel slighted or replaced.

One of the ways we attempt to keep our own kids content in the face of all the new whiskers coming and going, is to keep their routine as much as possible, and take the necessary steps to protect the things that are sacred to them.  One of those "special" times for Silly is first thing in the morning before hubby has risen.   Every morning like clockwork, Silly waits for me to place his Daddy's bath towel on the toilet seat lid so that he can hop up and assume a snuggle position - once he's settled you could easily hear his purring from 10 feet away!  He never budges or moves a muscle until hubby has risen and comes into the bathroom to greet him.

It's so satisfying for me to see this boy who loves my husband so very much, take pleasure in such a small thing that says such large things about the special bond that's been created by one big guy and his little buddy.

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  1. wow, Silly has such a very special bond with your husband, so touching and sweet !