Wednesday, June 27, 2012


It feels abit weird to enter the kittens room now and see only four as opposed to the original six - funny how two little ones can make such a huge difference in the dynamics of things in so many ways.

By Sunday it will be just Abner & Hobbs, how ironic that the two who look most like twins will be the remaining ones waiting for adoption.  I'm hoping they don't have to wait long and that they can also go together since we were lucky enough to have the first four go in pairs.

Their faces and bodies are changing rapidly now it seems, every morning I head down to greet them they almost appear to have sprouted more height overnight!; gives the expression "growing up before your very eyes" a whole new meaning.   I don't regret for one moment having saved this little family, I'm left to think about their Mom and how I hope her owners changed their minds and had her spayed.  A seven year old female continuing to have litters - it just disgusts me for a whole multitude of reasons.

I just snapped the following shots, I'm sort of feeling like I need to get as many as I can now since these little ones are moving on fast and every day brings more changes to things..............

Note:  Please excuse the one shot that captured my hubby's butt - he is a heat magnet for the kids *L*


  1. These guys are just the cutest of the cute ... just wanna bite every single one of them !!

  2. absolutely adorable, all of them !