Monday, June 18, 2012


There is apart of me that thinks maybe I'm overdoing it in the snapshot dept what with these kittens as our latest guests, but quite honestly, if there is anyone out there getting sick of seeing them.............what are you doing clicking on a cat rescue blog!! *L*

They won't be little like this forever so I just have to cease every opportunity to capture them at such an adorable stage of their lives. I really hope that some of their new parents will keep in touch with us so that we can see them as they grow and mature into full grown kitties.

So for tonight here's sweet, adorable, cute, precious, mischevious and daring all rolled into one............


  1. They are just scrumptious. I wish I could cuddle them all. Never get tired of kittens. Deb

  2. One can NEVER get enough of looking at kitty pics !! They are all just super adorable !