Sunday, June 10, 2012


After hours of playing and running and jumping and investigating everything in their path, the creamsicle clan (as I lovingly refer to them), will suddenly one by one, all get very tired and each makes their way back to their little beds for snuggling and snoozes. I love watching them sleep and I love greeting them after their naps because they all instantly begin meowing and purring, wanting to be held and loved. There's something about warm, soft, little babies all clamouring to make their way onto your lap for affection that is just so precious - I honestly don't think it gets more innocent and it's one of the best parts of having the opportunity to foster them.

Weigh ins on Saturday have reflected their healthy little appetites - three of them are already over the necessary weight to go in for the neuter/spay surgeries, so we expect them to be visiting the clinic any day now. The other three aren't far behind and soon they'll all be ready for adoption.............

This is our little Apple - a cuddly, snuggly, darling little teacup of a kitten who loves nothing better than to crawl into your lap for attention. If all of you could meet her, trust me when I tell you that you would fall helplessly in love.

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  1. they are simply adorable ... there is nothing like a kitten to love and hold.