Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We were so excited to welcome our next guest at Safe Haven, who is in the form of an adorable, petite, all black female (with a small spritz of white under her chin and another on her belly) who is 5 yrs old and among other things, has that constant wide eyed expression which makes her look like she just got the surprise of a lifetime! We've named her Sable and already find her pretty amusing to watch!

She arrived on Sunday and last night was her first evening meeting the boys. It hasn't gone totally great (introductions I mean), but it hasn't been totally awful either. Typical of alot of females, Sable is not putting up with any guff and so to ensure that everyone understands she is a little diva, there's been some growling and hissing and swatting just to get every one on the same page. Temperment wise, she's been very sweet with us, getting up on hubby's chest for a snuggle on Day Two of being here, but she also has attention tolerance issues when feeling stressed. She's loving the love one minute, and whirling around to attack your hand with a deep growl and abit of hissing thrown in for good measure, the next.

What she does love is being talked to, being petted (provided she's calm), and having her chin scratched and not necessarily in that order. She really is adorable to watch as she scurries around, the house still appears to be entertaining her with all it's nooks and cranies, but we're sure that as she settles in and settles down, all will be calm and orderly once again and before we know it, it will be her turn to be adopted.

As we all know, black cats are very hard to adopt out but Sable is not just any black cat - already I see the spunky nature and personality plus that lies just below the surface..............I don't doubt that potential adopters will see it too!

Now the challenge is to get some good shots of our beauty for posting on the website - wish us luck.


  1. She's lovely. I think people are starting to see the beauty in black cats as I cat-sat six of them over Christmas. All well-caree for and cherished cats.

  2. Gorgeous;she's a beauty !! Is Sable from the TAS/TCR foster program ?