Saturday, January 11, 2014


I just had to share these latest shots of Sable. She's been with us a week tomorrow, and she's really come out of her shell. Two things we know about her absolutely now is that A) she is not terribly fond of other cats (at least our two boys haven't won any popularity contests with her), and 2) she LOVES humans and is a complete and utter lovebug with them

She'll not only crawl up onto your chest if you lay down, she'll be just as happy snuggling up beside you while you read a book, and when we're on the home PC, she jumps up on the desk within two minutes and lays down right in front of us - not before she's situated herself of course, so that her head or at least one paw is resting on your arm! Can you say sweet?

The shot above is her new favourite spot which is a little cat bed we set up for her on our dresser. I think it helps her to feel less stressed with the boys because she can get up there, survey the whole situation and neither of them can sneak up on her. I think she also likes it because it's in our bedroom which tends to be quieter and with less going on.

This one above is a personal favourite and really shows off her round little face and body. She is SO CUTE with those big round eyes, round little face, and her wiggle when she walks. Now the age old question is, who in their right mind tosses a pretty girl like this outdoors and then abandons her there?

But once again it appears I've answered my own question because obviously they didn't have a mind; at least not one that cared about the welfare of their pet.


  1. Sable is absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps with a much older kitty or even much younger one, she'll be OK regarding feline companions ...

  2. Don't you hate it when you remember you already know the answer to that question.. and it breaks your heart all over again..