Saturday, December 5, 2015


We had an adoption enquiry for Mako last weekend. That was a young woman who although very nice and caring, was preparing to head out on a Christmas holiday at the end of the month to visit family, and would have been leaving Mako behind for upwards of 12 days. Since we already know that it will take him at least afew weeks to settle in to a new environment, we didn't feel it was the best situation for him.

Than earlier this week, another call came in this time a lovely sounding woman who lost her last kitty just afew months ago. She sounds very experienced and very loving, and we're all looking forward to meeting this coming Monday evening. Well to be honest, I don't think Mako is going to enjoy it one bit as he's very fearful of strangers.........last weekends meet n' greet had him terrified. But if it's the right home, than once he moves in he'll settle in just as he did here - that we're positive of.

Fingers crossed that his forever family has found him and this will be his Christmas present.

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  1. we are praying that this is the right fit for Mako ...