Tuesday, December 16, 2014


We picked up our latest foster (who we have named Fisher), from the shelter last night. Poor boy has already come down with a URI so he's not feeling the greatest at present, but he held true to the description of being "friendly and sweet" by eating a can and a half of wet food by hand, and licked all my fingers clean at the end just so I wouldn't have much mess to contend with!

Approximately 1 1/2, he evidently found his way into a colony of ferals and the caretaker, noticing quickly that he was friendly and front declawed, took him into Animal Services. He's been abit nervous initially but is already starting to relax a little and even gave abit of purring to let us know he's enjoying the attention and fussing.

I think he's just grateful to be indoors where it's warm and he's safe, and we're so thankful to the colony caretaker that helped him on that road. In our eyes, there isn't a nicer Christmas present to be had than offering the Safe Haven guest room to this boy.


  1. He's lucky that the right people have stepped into his life. Why would someone dump a declawed cat with no why of defending himself? I hope he finds a home soon!

  2. LM-Fisher looks like a sweetie ... I'm certain he'll be well with all of your TLC in no time ... what a lucky boy to be spending Christmas with you !!!